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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 20
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chidi woke looking very tired, he had a test today, so he had to rush down to school, he quickly had his bath, brushed and took his breakfast quickly. Then he rushed to his school

At the hospital

shantel was getting stronger now, at least she was able to eat and do some other sort of things.

It was already evening, shantel was sitting down on the bed when chidi walked up to her
chidi: wow, thankGod you are awake, i brought some food for you, i am just coming from school

shantel: thank you chidi, i am just worried, i do not have money to pay the bills
chidi: dont worry sweethrt, i have already settled that. And by the time you are discharged, i already discussed with my parents and they said you can come and live with us, since they is no one to take care of you, and as for your schooling, they will also take control of that
tears were already rolling out of shantel’s eyes, she hugged him
shantel: thank you so much chidi, what would i have done without you, (she said still in sober)
chidi: its okay, dont cry dear. I love you complete
it was already three days left for shantel to be discharged.. Chidi has already gone to pack her things from her late parents house. Days passed by and it was time for her to leave the clinic, she and chidi left and arrived at chidi’s house

chidi’s mom: ah shantel, welcome.. Feel free eh, this is now your new home.
Shantel: thank you so much ma
chidi’s two sisters and hillary came to welcome her
hillary: shantel my baby, ah sorry for your loss eh. Just feel free with everyone here okay

everybody were excited to meet her, even thier dad. People could be this kind, she thought. Except thier last daughter who would be older than her with just a year. She had been quiet all through. She had known her before now, even when she was selling in the market, she never talked to her, she wasnt the friendly type.. Shantel thought

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