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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 19
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chidi stayed with shantel at the hospital all through the night till the next morning, she was still in the same condition. He had to go home and freshen up. His phone rang, he checked the caller id, it was his mum
chidi: hello mum

chidi’s mum: chidi, where are you? Eh why didnt you return home yesterday?
Chidi: i actually went to do an assignment in a friend’s place so i slept there for the night. chidi lied

chidi’s mom: ok, but you should have called at least eh, you made everyone worried, try and come this morning ok?
Chidi: ok mum
chidi stood up and looked at shantel again, i will be right back ok? He said as if talking to shantel
he left

At sonia’s residence

she is seen discussing with her friends chioma and susan
chioma: so you don finally get your man back? Well thats goodnews o
sonia: i told you na, i don treat that girl f--k up, she no well.. In her next world she no go toil with me again
susan: wait o, no be that girl wey i hear say arm robbers attack for her house? So na u send those guys?

Sonia: yes na, na wa for u o
susan: the girl no die o, they rush her go hospital immediately, from wetin i hear, she still dey alive
sonia shocked
sonia:you mean am, i need to call those guys today.. I go need another strategy
chioma: you need to o, before we go hear another story that touch beko

sonia: well girls, that girl mata na small one, meanwhile lets take drink jare.
Susan: you re right abeg.

Shantel wakes up, looking very weak,

shantel: doctor, i need to see my parents, i dont believe they are dead
doctor: calm down shantel. Its not the end of the world
she started crying profusely
doctor: dont cry please, it will only cause you headache ok, just rest, we will take care of you ok
ok doctor shante said

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