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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 18
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chidi clicked on the message inbox and saw conversation between sonia and someone whom he doesnt know. From what he saw, he needed no prophet to tell him that sonia was the one behind all the things that happened to shantel, he decided to forward all the messages to his phone, just when he took his phone, sonia woke up
sonia: sweetheart, what are you doing with my phone

chidi: (looks at sonia) he actually wanted to confront him but he decided against it.. Nothing dear, just checking some of your new photos, you know
sonia: (relieved) oh okay
she had prayed he hadnt seen anything that would complicate her.

Chidi never imagined sonia to be this heartless, how she turned out to be like this, he couldnt tell.. But since he already know the truth, it was just a matter of time and he would find an evidence against her.
Sonia: chidi dear, i think i have to go before your mom comes back
chidi: ok
sonia dressed up and left. Chidi waited for an hour before going out to see shantel. When he got to the hospital, the doctor immediately called for his attention to see him
chidi: doc, how is shantel doing?
Doctor: hmm chidi, the situation is now critical because she is now in a coma
chidi: what? How did that happen, i thought she has left that state
doctor: her parents were involved in a car accident, and unfortunately she got to know about it.

Chidi: what kind of clinic is this? How can you disclose such information to a patient yet to recover huh
doctor: we are really sorry, we are already handling the nurse who did that, we are really sorry

chidi: look doctor, if anything should happen to her, i will sue this clinic
doctor: calm down mr please
chidi: can i see her now?
Doctor: you can
chidi stands up and leaves the doctor’s office, he was greatly infuriated, he got to were shantel was, seeing the situation of shantel, tears dropped from his eyes, how can the poor girls survive now with no parents he thought, life can be so unfair sometimes. Shantel please dont leave me, come back for me please i need you dear, he held her hands as he prayed.

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