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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Cynthia: “Yes, I had to call it quits with him because I could not see my man womanizing.. I left him so unexpectedly that he threatened to show me where power lies after all his pleas for a reconciliation had failed..

Cynthia: “For a number of years, he managed to extort money from me, with the threat that if I did not pay up, he would hurt me..

But when I met you, I have been able to call his bluff anytime he tried to blackmail me, because I now knew I had male protection.. He has threatened often to see you and tell you of some nasty things about me, which of course aren’t true.. So i was shocked the other day
when i heard that he had come home to you in my absence..

Cynthia: “Since I did not know what he had told you before you sent him to the police, I was confused when I saw him at the police station..
You did not help matters as you stormed out of the police station without giving me the chance to explain myself..

Knowing who you are, I did not try to come home to explain anything.

As I could not stand your coldness anytime you became angry with me, I decided to come here and make you cool down before I returned to you”….

**she paused and got ready to resume what she was saying but I put my finger to her lips to make her stop any further thing she wanted
to say..**

NazeaL: *looking into her eyes** Honey, you shouldn’t have ran from me.. Although I was angry I had wanted you to come to me and explain yourself to me so that I could

Know what that rascal was doing in your life..
You know I trust you and would have believed anything you would tell me even if it was a lie..
Cynthia: **She embraced me and pecked me on the cheek** I will’ always love you and be faithful honey.

Nazeal: Uhm, I will’ also be faithful darling and always love you too with all my heart..

**We did not sleep again as we played music till daybreak..

After breakfast in the morning, we asked to leave and set out to the station and
into a bus to Abuja..

We went to the office and what a rousing welcome that awaited us….***

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