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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I had a lot of difficulties getting home because I wasn’t able to see well. My vision was blurred…


At home, I drank a glassful and felt the hot spirit
burn down my throat.. I had not wanted to fall to the beauty and presumed wiles of Cynthia initially, but her tricks had caught me in her web of love… And now that I had grown to love her, and plans were well advanced to marry her, look what had happened.

My mind drifted back to Mary and I concluded that I was not lucky with the fair sex..

Nazeal: *in thought* If I am able to overcome this shocker from Cynthia, I would know
how to deal with women in future…

**I drank some more of the whisky. I heard some footsteps approaching my door and tried to stand up and lock the door so as not
to allow anybody who might disturb my peace…
Unfortunately, the strong drink was starting to take effect and as I took the first step, I nearly fell.. Too late, I couldn’t reach the door till the work colleagues who had accompanied me to the police station burst into my hall.. My boss took the glass of whisky from me..

As i looked down at them, my vision blurred.. Although, I heard them talking, I could
not make head or tail of what they were saying.. They left me at last taking away all traces of alcohol I could reach for…


I cannot remember what happened thereafter as I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very hungry and with an awful taste in my mouth.. I looked roud for Cynthia, but she was nowhere to found..

Then I remembered what had happened the day before and the hunger in my stomach vanished..

I could not sleep for the rest of the night.

I recalled my first day with Cynthia. It was love at its best. I recalled my unsavoury days with her at Lagos up to the point she brought me the letter
from her parents.. I recalled all the promises we made to each other and the arrangements we were making for them to come true…

When Cynthia’s past had caught up with her, she had not even had the decency to come and explain things to me, but had gone off with that Sabinto..

Because of the way i loved her, I would have been very willing to forgive her if she had come crying for forgiveness..

Or had I unconsciously done anything to suggest to her that I was through with her at the police station??

No, I could not have done that.

But why did she not come home?

Thoughts of Cynthia nearly made me faint as I felt the hunger resurfacing. I lighted the gas cooker and put some water on it to heat.. I prepared milo and drank it like that..

The hunger subsided a bit and I went back to my bed so as to catch some sleep, but sleep would not come…

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2 a.m. I comforted myself that day would
not be long in coming and I could get all the answers to my questions….

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