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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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All of us who witnessed the scene were dumbfounded…

Did this man have some connection with Cynthia that was so embarassing for her to recall?

I was further shocked to see
the man Sabinto smiling at Cynthia’s discomfiture as if he had every thing under-control…

Sabinto was smiling complacently while Cynthia stood there,, just a bundle of nerves…

I could not bear to look on any longer and turned
to go out…

In my desire not to see Cynthia further embarrassed..

I left instead of waiting to see the outcome of the strange confrontation.. Stupid me!

On my way home, I was nearly hit by a vehicle. I walked slowly to my house, totally confused and
totally sick..

I had give all my heart to this woman.. Was she going to disappoint me?

In my disturbed state, it did not occur to me that the meeting between Cynthia and Sabinto might not mean anything..

At that moment, all i did was to be consumed by jealousy.

Unreasonable Jealousy..

All i knew then was that **although no word had passed between the stranger and Cynthia**, it was evident that these two had been lovers before I came into Cynthia’s life..

In my unreasonable fear, it did not occur to me that this would not matter at all even if it was true..

She had demostrated real love and commitment, but what had happened today was enough to tell me that Cynthia had some skeletons in her cupboard…

She had never told me about her past romantic life, however hard i tried to persuade her…

Anytime i asked questions about her past, she only brushed it aside telling me she
didn’t want to be reminded of it.. I had respected her wishes..

Now look what was happening to me…
In my desperation, I entered a shop which sold alcohol and bought myself a large
bottle of Teacher’s Whisky and then started heading home…

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