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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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At first, I thought the man was mad.. It was evident and clear that this guy had come to seek trouble and I had to exercise patience…

I called the landlord and informed him of what was happening..

Landlord: You have to go please and go and meet her in the office..

**The landlord said looking at him but this man won’t answer.. He was still looking at the ceiling.**

Landlord: Have you directed him to The office..
Nazeal: Yes,,

Sabinto: Look, let me tell you this, I won’t leave here without seeing Cynthia.
Nazeal: **threatening** Hey, i
would report you to the police and get you

**He didn’t show any sign of fear, he kept staring at the ceiling as if i was saying rubbish**
Nazeal: Sir, please look after the house for me while i run to the police station and make a report there..

Landlord: Hmm, okay…

**I ran to the nearest police headquarters and i complained to them, they asked me several questions which i answered**

**At last, Three policemen accompanied me back to arrest him..

They had to use a lot of force to overpower this guy.. He was taken to their station where I made a written report…**

**I then took a taxi to the office and infromed Cynthia**

Nazeal: There is a guy who came looking for you.
Cynthia: Sure, where is he now?

Nazeal: At the police station.

Cynthia: **surprised** At the police station? What happened?

Nazeal: Look, I can’t explain things now, just get your things ready and let’s
go this very moment..

**she arranged her files in order and kept it inside her locker.. She then accompanied me to the police station with few of the staffs *people too like gossip ehn*

to see this strange fellow..**

**We met alot of people at the police station when we got there… What for? I didn’t know.. It took a while before this man Sabinto came out of wherever they might had kept him..**

**When eventually Sabinto was brought out from
the cells to meet Cynthia,, she looked as if she had seen a ghost.. She began shaking
as if she had seen the devil himself…

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