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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I tried to focus on what to say to Cynthia when she eventually arrived at Abuja, but i couldn’t just think straight…

That night, that saturday night was the worst night in my life as no matter what i did, sleep eluded me as urination eluded fowls..

I could not concentrate on anything.. When i tried to read or even enjoy music on my radio cassette recorder, I found i could not put my heart into it… The hours slowed down and that night was the longest night in my life…

At last, i heard the c---s crowing and i fathomed that day-light would not be long in coming…

I went to the bathroom, took my bath and came back inside.. I wanted to do something before the day fell so i started ironing some of my work cloths..

Before day time, I had ironed all the things in the room including Cynthia’s clothes..

For the past five days, I had not eaten any solid food.. So early in the morning, i cooked some yam and prepared a kind of soup with so many eggs in it..

After i finished cooking, i found out that i could not eat a slice of the yam i had cooked…

I was feeling weak and felt some pains in my stomach which increased as the hours passed on..

The pains became unbearable and knowing that it was due to the abstinence from food for the past few days,

I prepared some milo and drank a full jug at a go…

Like magic, the pains subsided **but only a bit oo** and i felt a bit strong..

I took another jug, this time accompanied by bread, and by the time i finished eating that, i felt much more better and more stable…

I decided to attend church as I had been away for
two consecutive sundays..

As i was dressing up, i heard my neighbours shouting in fright and I inquisitively peeped through the gap in the door and what I saw nearly made me faint.. I hope you all know
who that was…..

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