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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Sensing danger, I asked for permission the next
day to leave for Abuja..

Cynthia would not hear of any plans to leaver her behind so she decided to come with me… Her parents were furious at her intransigence and
insisted that I left alone…

Knowing the attitude of the ‘half-cast’ family, I did not want to get inside their web of wrath and so I pleaded with Cynthia to wait for the remaining few days of our holidays before
joing me later at Abuja…

The parents Mr. and Mrs. Boafo, did not allow Cynthia to see me off to the garage fearing that left alone, we could bolt to Abuja together **a stupid notion i thought** since she would by all means no matter how delayed come back to her work at Abuja. I hissed inside of me and left the house…

I was not the happiest man as I left the street and went to the garage to board a bus that would take me to my destination…

**If we were to marry, how could that be possible when Cynthia’s parents are so much standing on our way?

I took a painful decision to dismiss Cynthia from my heart as i was not ready to come
into confrontation with her parents..**


I arrived at abuja late in the night **today’s traffic was somehow, it was much more worst than the first day i came to abuja**…

I started packing all that Cyndie had brought into my room into her suitcase and separated them from mine… I was tired but Cyndie’s parent thought overclouded the tiredness and i finished the work…

I could not sleep for the rest of the days that my short leave lasted..

Food was not appealing to me, i lost my appetite and i did think of it for days…


Cynthia had become part of my life and i could not dismiss her from thoughts as easily as i thought…

She had been of tremendous help to me and all of a sudden, I had to push her out of my life…

That was unimaginble!!

But the odds were heavily stacked against my life as i could not fight her parents…
I knew Cyndie would fight for me…

In the end i could not fail to recognize the fact that in case of any eventuality, i could not handle her problems alone..

This was the magintude of the problem i was confronted with.

I became more anxious when Cyndie did not return from Lagos to Abuja on the day she had promised..

Had she been forced to give up her job on account of me??

That day was a saturday and she had to report for work the following Monday..

I knew Mr. Maths, her boss would not take it kindly if she absented herself more than was neccessary…

Oh lord! Where is my Cyndie??

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