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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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In my hometown, Cynthia endeared herself to my
my mother with her gifts and service..

She did all the cooking and washing
and other domestic chores to the satisfaction of my mother who affectionately
called her Oyibo because
of her European-like colour…

My mother, who had not been on the best of terms with me because of the Mary issue, was too happy to see Cynthia and wholly approved of her.

She was a little bit apprehensive however that i had not chosen a woman from our tribe but from
the dreaded tribe of the Fantis..

Mama: Ehmm, Nazeal come **she said one day** This girl that you brought home
with you,, which tribe is she from??

Nazeal: Mama, i don’t really know but i know she has the European blood in her…..

Mama: **interrupting** Which one is that again?
Nazeal: I mean she has the ‘Oyibo’ blood in her.. Is either her father or her mother
is an Oyibo but am yet to know..

Mama: You see what am talking about, is not that i don’t like her oo infact she is far better than that Mary
you use to follow up and down…..
Nazeal: **interrupting** Oh mama, don’t bring that up again. Pls Let the sleeping
dog lie.

Mama: It’s true sha, lemme let the sleeping dog lie before it’s starts barking…

My fear is that Cynthia isn’t from our tribe and…..

Nazeal: **cuts in** Mama, don’t worry, All Nigerians are one family and no matter
where or who you marry, nothing is wrong with that…

Mama: **cuts in** So far the love is there.. I understand my son.

Nazeal: Thanks mama for understanding me **hugging her**


My other siblings *the two*were all in love with Cynthia and she appreciated their warmth…

She spoils them with gift and also spend most her time with them telling them jokes and so on thereby making them to love her dearly..

When we got to Ajao estate (where her parents stays) after spending one week at my place,, It was Cynthia’s
parents that were the ones who seems to dissaprove of me…

They were rich couple and according to what i gathered, they wanted their
little Cyndie to marry from
a rich and noble family…[/b]

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