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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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At first I did not want to believe that what Belove (Mary’s cousin) had written and sent to me was true, but deep inside of me, i knew she had nothing to gain by lying to me…

I also knew that Belove was fond of us and even
grieved with Mary and i when our parents tried to stop our romantic story. I knew Belove was telling me the truth in that letter..

Cynthia who was a very observant girl noticed my moodiness and questioned me about it…

Cynthia: Dear, what is wrong? Why are you shedding tears?

**She was saying somethings but i could not hear her. I was still holding the letter and so i gave it to her to read for herself…

She was shocked at the contents of the letter, thinking that I had impregnated Mary..

Cynthia: WHAAAATT!! Don’t tell me you did this! How could you! I gave you everything and you did this to me……..

**OMG! Why couldn’t she wait to hear my own side of the story.. I then went close to her and took my time to explain the facts to her, she calmed down, although I knew she did not
believe me wholesale… To assure her that i had nothing to hide from her, I invited her to my hometown after we had both applied for sick leave for two weeks each..

Cynthia: **delighted** Honey, You don’t know how happy am i this moment.

Nazeal: **cuddling her hair** What’s that making my love happy?

Cynthia: Guess..
Nazeal: **hesitating**
Cynthia: Please
Nazeal: Okay,,, hmm,,,, you are excited that we are visiting home right?

Cynthia: Yea, you guessed right,, am practically excited because it would be an avenue
for you to meet my parent and I meeting yours..
Nazeal: Yes,, but hope you know the more reason we are visiting home??

Cynthia: Of course I know.. You know what?
Nazeal: What??

Cynthia: You know we applied for two weeks leave…. I want us to spend a week at your hometown and then the next
week at my hometown too..

Nazeal: No problem,, anything for you dear **smiling**


We prepared towards our short holidays.. We left Abuja to Lagos by flight.. It was a wonderful trip and in no time we arrived Lagos…

None of our parents knew we were coming so we went to Ajegunle, my home town..

My mum was excited at seeing me and welcomed me and Cynthia whole-heartedly…

We visited Christie in her home on the second day of our arrival at Ajegunle..

I didn’t inform her of our visit and so she was surprised when she opened the door and saw us..
Christie: Please do come in..

**we went inside and what a nice apartment she stays**

**I introduced Cynthia to her and there and then, I asked her to explain truthfully about my past relationship with Mary up to the point she wrote me at Abuja to tell me that Mary had been impregnated by another man in Ivory Coast…

She, suspecting that I had a lot going with Cynthia, Helpfully obliged me by telling Cynthia all i wanted her to know to reassure her..

After hearing all there was to be heard from Christie, I could see that Cyndie (Cynthia’s nick) had some kind of sympathy for me although
she was happy that the only person capable of snatching me away from her had disqualified herself by her folly in becoming pregnant for another man…

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