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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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It was the whole office staff **most of you guessed right**, including the senior
technical officer, whom
i had not even mentioned this day for his generosity and kindness towards me..

They had all come to the great hall of my landlord where we were holding the party…

The women from my office
were all there and Cynthia was dressed in a cream coloured suit that made
her stand out from the guests…

I was not amused at the expensive joke these people played on me but i was surprised… It might have shown on my face as my senior officer called me aside and held a little
talk with me…

Senior Technical Officer (ST Officer) : happy birthday nazeal **offering his hands for a handshake**

NazeaL: **shaking his hands** Thank you sir.
ST Officer: We wanted to surprise you nazeal, you had a silent promotion in the office just yesterday…..

Nazeal: **interrupting** Am sorry sir for interrupting you buh did you just say i had a promotion?

ST Officer: Yea you had one, i didn’t want
to tell you and i instructed everyone to keep shut
about it….

Nazeal: I’m very very grateful sir.

ST Officer: No need for that… Follow me…

**He said as he held my hands and took me to where the staffs were**

ST Officer: On behalf of the staff and the management, I want to use this medium
and aprreciate you in honour of your hard work during the last few years..

The organisation bought a small gift in honour of our appreciation.

**Suddenly, there was a loud ovation from the staffs and the guests……

I was so honoured, i felt special, i didn’t know what i did to deserve this earthly favour….. I was cut in my thoughts as Cynthia Boafo step forward and presented

the gift to me… I quickly did a brief study and saw that she was at her seductive worst as her make up added to her exceptional beauty…..

She deliberately held long
to my hand after the handshake and
during that brief period,
some telephatic message was sent through my veins, then into my brain and my heart… I felt some signal and my heart skipped a beat.
Oh Lord! She had caught me in her web and I am now helpless….**

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