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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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It started with Cynthia Boafo, a secretary in our office. She was a nice girl and cool that any man would feel proud to have as a girl-friend.

She was then twenty one and very beautiful.. She was older than i was then **hope i told you my age**..

She had a lttile European blood in her and was what
we normally describe as half-caste, although I didn’t know whether it was her dad
or her mum that was from Europe..

Cynthia had beautiful flowing hair that touched her back when she let it loose.

Her eyes was seductive with a pointed nose and lips which looked as if she had always smeared lipstick on them.

She was slim had sexy looks, and anytime she passed a male,,, that person had to turn to admire her statistics..

She herself knew that anytime she passed a man, she was sure to get a second look.

It all started when I was celebrating my twentieth birthday.

I had been branded Mr. No Nonsense by my colleagues at the office because of my
strictness **to girls**.

I knew i had become a scarce-crow to the females as i never entertained any of them, nor even smiled to any of them. It was a strictly a professional relationship I had with them,, and you know ladies now, they detested it.
When my birthday was due therefore, they decided to use that time to unravel and break the elephant skin i had covered myself with.

Three days to my birthday party, i invited almost all the office staff to a small
reception at my house to
prove to them that i am generous and most
especially i was no monster just that am professionally minded *and wants to keep my promise with Mary alive*.

I choose the day to be a Saturday because there
would be no work and i knew a lot of people would be at the party so I prepared adequately towards that day.

The party started at 9 a.m. and those who had
gathered at my house that time numbered thirty *if not more than*. By that time, all my office colleagues hadn’t come and i wondered
what might have prevented them from coming yet.

I called some of my colleagues that i had there number but it wasn’t available.

As the seated guests were being served with food and drinks, i heard a loud cheer from my hall.

I excused my self to go into the bedroom to dress up properly and then check what was happening there.

Quickly, i came out and guess what happened??

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