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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Three days before we left Ajegunle for Abuja, a piece of dram unfolded…

Mary, my first love who had left me for Ivory Coast without informing me heard of my arrival and came to my mother’s house on a hot afternoon to see Cynthia and myself..

We had just returned from the beach where we had gone to swim with the children..

When her presence was annouced at my mother’s place where I stayed with my family.. I was initially shocked.. I asked that she be given a seat and that I would be with her shortly..

I had earlier on in our relationship told Cynthia about Mary so she knew all about her although they had never met.. I told my son Charles and my daughter Mimi to accompany her mother and myself to see a special visitor..

We found Mary relaxing in a sofa and we greeted her.. She had changed from a delightful beauty I had fallen head over heels in love with several years back..

I introduced my family to her and I thought I saw something cloud her expression though I could not be sure.. I was sure however that the lady I had known several years back was troubled, although she tried to smile away her anxiety with pitiful effort…

Charles, my son, who was twelve years old and very observant went to Mary thinking that she was one of his aunt..**

Charles: Aunti, tell Daddy what you want and I am sure he will help you..

**At that age, Charles was aware of my philanthropic spirit..**

Charles: *looking at me* Dad, Aunti i very worried, why?

**Cynthia tried to rebuke Charles, but Mary’s words prevented her from doing that..*

Mary: Nazeal, I am very sorry to have understimated your intelligence. You brought your wife and children here to prove a point, which I have understood.. You want to tell me that you’re happy with your family and would not in anyway compromise that
happiness for past memories.. I thank you for that lesson you have taught me today.. I knew what your love is – strong, stable, very unyielding and relaible..

I am sure your wife who is more lovely than a flower will reciprocate your love…

Mary: *in tears* I am sorry for coming back into your life but the experience I have gained these past few minutes has made seeing you again worth it, although I cause my self grievous pain fro looking on what might have been.. Thank you very much for granting me audeince.. I bid you and your lovely family farewell..

**Mary stood up and left in tears.. I did not say anything.. There was nothing to say**

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