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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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**Cyndie’s aunty also opened an account at the bank for us with an intial deposit of 1.5Million naira..

‘Im now a millionaire’, I almost shouted..


When after a week the guests started to depart, Mr. Ato, the husband of Cynthia’s aunt gave us an envelope which contained two plane tickets to London and back..

Aunti Selena, Cynthia’s aunt had given us a car and the husband was buying us tickets to visit London! I had married into a good home!!


Because of The invitations to London, we had to change our plans as we had decided to spend our honeymoon in Ivory Coast earlier..

Two weeks after our marriage, we enplaned for London.. We stayed three interesting months in London for as long as our visa duration permitted us..

Mr. And Mrs. Ato were a model couple. For despite being together for over twenty years with six children, they were still
in love with each other as if they had just married..

I admired them greatly..

They were very hard workers who both owned a restaurant at Haymarket which specialized in Nigerian and African dishes..

The place was very popular and attracted many Africans in London..

Aunti selena always took the opportunity to advise both of us on what marriage ought to be.. She would always call her niece, Cynthia or my self and speak a word or two of advice…

Aunti Selena : Let me tell you that happiness is not money because money can never buy you happiness..

Money can be very useful in your life especially when you are young but know that money is jusr a commodity that can even give you
promblems depending on how you handle it..

I want you to know that the best thing a woman should wish for is a good husband..

Love is happiness and the husband who understands will always make sure that
his wife is happy, vice versa..

**This philosophy of Aunti Selena was demonstrated in her home..

At table she and her husband were full of jokes, they always had something to share with us in terms of advice and experiences..

In fatc, I alwasy wanted to be near them because of their infectious love…

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