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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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There were in the denomination of N1000 naira notes and where in three bundles…

I counted it and it was N600,000 naira **N200,000 naira in each bundle.*..

I was shocked and at the same time happy…. I gave the money to Cynthia for safe keeping and we plunged into kisses and caressing and forgot about my intention to go to church…


The gesture from my prospective-in-laws had a lasting mark on our relationship..

The money would be used in preparation towards our marriage…

We moved from our single room to a two bedroom and a hall flat..

Our intentions were that by the end of the year, we should be able to finalise arrangements towards our marriage…

Our trip to Ajao Estate *her home state* and Ajegunle *my home state* was taken
by the public as a trip to perform the marriage rites and so people started calling
us Mr. And Mrs. Nazeal.

As we were making efforts to make our appointed day a reality, something happened that nearly marred our sweet romance and

**It happened that on that fateful day, I did not
fell well, so i decided to stay at home.. I sent a letter through Cynthia to the office to inform my superior of my incapacitation…

As I was in my hall reading. I heard somebody knocking on my door..

I asked the person to enter and a young man of
about twenty four years old entered…

I asked him to sit down which he did. I watched him very well and saw that this young man before me was agitated..**

Nazeal: Hey, How may i help you??

Man: Hy, I’m Sabinto, and I’m here to see Cynthia..

Nazeal: **staring** Why if i may ask?
Sabinto: What i have is for Cynthia and it’s between me and her alone…

**His answers infuriated me but i tried my best to control my temper**

Nazeal: Okay, if you insist.. **i directed him to the office where Cynthia works**

Sabinto: I won’t leave this place… I want to see
Cynthia now and in this house..

Nazeal: **angry** My man, I don’t want to be rude but I want to tell you that I own this place, and since you say its Cynthia you want to see, then it would be prudent for the two of you
to meet outside of this place..

**He pretended not to have heard me.. He just sat on a chair staring at the ceiling as if waht i was saying was rubbish…

Not knowing what to do.. I stood up and locked the door to my room, took the keys to the hall,, put on my shirt and walked towards the door..
Nazeal: Get out because me too am going out now…

**But he just sat there looking at me…**

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