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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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It was Cynthia!!..

She was so frail and haggard-looking that you might think she had been sick for months…

I immediately dropped the mirror i was holding and ran to her aid.. She could barely walk and I had to carry her in my arms to the room
and lay her on the bed..

I gave her water to drink but she refused. I did not know what to do…

Then i remembered that in my weakness, I had drank two mugs of the cocoa beverage milo and i was better, so I set to prepare some for her…

I prepared a thick potion and gave it to her.. To my relief, she drank all and smiled
at me. She then fell asleep. I sat on the bed feeling her pulse, It was beating normally and that made me happy..

It was then i noticed that all my neighbours including my landlord followed me in…

I looked at them with a smile on my face..

Nazeal: **smiling** Good morning **referring to no one in particular**

Neighbours: Morning.

**When i noticed that my landlord didn’t reply my greetings, i greeted him again**

Nazeal: Good morning sir.

Landlord: Ah, morning Nazeal but what happened? Is she ill?

Nazeal: Honestly, i don’t know, But am sure I’ll find out when she wakes up..

Landlord: Please do give me feedback when she wakes up…

Nazeal: I will! **referring to the neighbours** Am really grateful, Thanks so much.

Neighbours: **chorus** You welcome..
**Then, the neighbours started leaving,, my landlord called me aside**

Landlord: I’ll be going to the church now, try and prepare something for her because she will be likely to be hungry when she wakes up..

Nazeal: Thanks sir,,

Landlord: Yea,, till then!

**He then left…

Wow! I needed privacy and thank God they are all gone..**

I went again to check Cynthia’s Pulse and it was beating normally…

I stood up from the bed and heated the food I had prepared earlier as I knew she might feel hungry..

She slept peacefully for hours and to make sure that she was alive, I occasionally felt her pulse and her breathing..**

**After a peaceful sleep of three hours, she woke

Nazeal: Dear, you are awake!

Cynthia: **stammering** Ye…a,, I’m h…
**I hurriedly brought out the yam and stew and she tasted it..

Cynthia: Wow! Who prepared this delicious stew??
Nazeal: Eat first, have some strenght then I tell you..

Cynthia: No.. I want to know who cooked it first.
Nazeal: Okay, I did..

Cynthia: **suprised** You did what?

Nazeal: Cooked the food..

Cynthia: **still suprised** You are kidding right.. You,, Nazeal, cooked this delicious stew…
**I stood up, went to the kitchen to get the pot of the stew…**

Nazeal: **coming out of the kitchen** See **showing her the pot of soup**

Cynthia: OMG! So you cooked it! Wow! I didn’t know you were such a good cook..

Nazeal: So, will you now eat your food?
Cynthia: Yea, So let’s eat.. Or won’t you??
Nazeal: **smiling** Sure…

**We started eating, and i ate as if it was
not the same food that i had found unpleasant to eat earlier in the morning…**

Oh love… You truly exist,, i said inwardly and sighed…

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