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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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The party went on until
one o’clock in the morning..

One by one, the invited guests left for their homes…

Cynthia who appeared to be a little drunk and sleepy was resting on a chair in the landlord’s hall..

I don’t know whether it was a deliberate ploy between the workers and Cynthia or
Cynthia herself, but i found her all alone with me
by two a.m….

I tapped her and she sat up and started scratching her eyes trying to clear the drunkenness state she was..

Nazeal: Hey,,
Cynthia: Hi

NazeaL: Won’t you go home? It’s getting late already!

Cynthia: Ehmm, I don’t think i would be be able to go home… Am too tired..

Nazeal, please can i get somewhere to sleep
till later in the morning..

Nazeal: Hmm, Okay..

**Of course, I could not allow her to sleep in the hall of the landlord where all the food and drink had been served, So i took her to my room and asked her to have all the rest she needed…

I then went back outside and then helped my friends to tidy up the landlord’s hall where the party had taken place…

After i finished cleaning up the hall,, i thanked the landlord and my friends, packed up all the gifts i had been given and went back
to my house to sleep myself..

The sight that met my eyes was very embarrassing..

There, Cynthia lay, almost naked on my bed..
She had deliberately undressed. She had nothing on except her white laced pants..

No brassier supported her b-----s as they lay
bare on her chest with the n-----s staring out black and inviting as mangoes..

I gaped at her in disbelief, and she rose from the bed and took the parcels from my hand
and pushed the door with her foot to close it..

She deposited the parcels on the floor and started undressing me.. I was numb from head to toe and could not resist her **no one could**
After undressing me, she pulled my head towards her succullent mangoes and put the left n----e into my mouth…

I began sU-Cking at her b----t which
was enlarged with desire like a kid…

She was m0an!ng at my act and I shifted from the left to the right b----t…

The cuddling and touching and other manoeuvres lasted for a whole hour before the inevitable happened..

It was my first time but by the time i reached my c----x,,, Cynthia was m0an!ng with satisfaction….

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