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Legend Of Ikogosi - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I was at Hilly Zander guest house by 7 o’clock pm on the dot.

I went straight to the receptionist who wasted no time in identifying me.

“Cindy right?”
She asked beaming her professional smile at me.

“Yea Cindy,” I replied.

Cindy was my business name. Stella had taught me that business life was different from personal life so we used different names for business.
Just like actors who answered different names on stage, we answered different names in business.

Stella’s business name was Kittana just as mine was Cindy.

But that’s by the way…

“Room 330,” the receptionist directed pointing down the hall.

“Thanks a lot,” I replied and followed her direction.

I got to the room with 330 written on top and knocked.

“Come in,”
a deep voice responded.
I swung the lock open and went in. The receptionist didn’t make any mistake in her description. The man from his appearance was indeed a very important personality.
He wore this big abada like clothe that most of our top Hausa politicians liked wearing with a cap to match.

He was dark in complexion with a medium sized pot belly. He had tribal marks on both sides of his cheek.

“Hi beautiful, what’s your name?”
He asked as soon as I entered.

“Cindy,” I replied smartly.

“I’m Alhaji Senator Jubril Ahmed,”
he said looking at me. ” I just arrived few hours ago for a convention.”

“You’re highly welcome to our state sir,”
I replied with my business smile playing on my lips.

“You’re such a beautiful lady wahali,”
he complimented.

“Thank you sir,” I replied. “I’m here to make you happy sir.”

“Please address me as Jubril dear. Let’s not sound too official,”
he suggested.

“Ok sir. Oh sorry Jubril,”
I corrected.

“No problem,”
he replied

There are personalities you will see and you won’t know when sir starts pouring from your mouth.

Alhaji Senator Jubril Ahmed was one of such personalities.

I started the evening for him with a strip dance.
The Alhaji went crazy as he watched my waist whine slowly to the rhythm of the song playing on the telly and at the same time slowly took of my clothes.

My top was the first to go revealing my pawpaw shaped b00bs sake for my bra.

Then my skirt followed revealing the super hot g-string undie I wore inside.

By the time my bra and g-string was gone, Alhaji already had a visible bulge showing on his trousers.

Without wasting time, he removed the abada and trouser and stood completely Unclad before me…

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