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Legend Of Ikogosi - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Iwa was just some miles away from Jaiye and by the time she turned back to see maybe Jaiye was on her heels, she saw what happened to her then at that spot she transformed and turned to a spring too. I was in-front of the hut when I saw Iwa from afar coming home, I saw her looking back but within some seconds, she turned to a spring. I was shocked. I can’t believe this was happening. I took to my heels heading towards the farm to call Adekanbi to come home so he could see what’s happening to his wives.

Fortunately, he was on his way. I cried to him and fell at his feet.

Baba, your junior wife just turned to a river. I don’t know what is happening. Please hurry up. (I said)

Adekanbi increased his pace on his bicycle while I run as far as I can to catch up with him.
When we got home, we met everywhere filled with water. Adekanbi was filled with rage. He screamed and cried, calling the names of his two wives at intervals then he knelt down. He touched the ground and immediately, he started transforming. Before he fully transformed, he threw a small stone to me and said, go! Go down the road and touch the ground 7 times with the stone. Ensure the water has not gotten there before you do it. Now run! I hesitated at first not until I saw him transformed totally into rocks while at that instance trees and bamboos started emanating from the ground. I ran as far as I can go and with the little space which the water hasn’t gotten to, I did as I was told then the ground opened and before I knew it, the water was closing in on me. I jumped inside the opened ground and immediately, it closed up.

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