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Legend Of Ikogosi - Season 1 - Episode 3
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I opened my eyes to see myself beside a palm tree on a Kijipa Short and a tattered cloth on me with a keg just some miles away from me. I scratched my head, dusted myself up and rested on the tree close to me. I couldn’t understand what was happening. At that moment of confusion, I was hearing the horn of a bicycle getting close to me. Within some seconds, it got to where I was and it stopped. I looked up and I found a middle aged man on his bicycle with two kegs filled water I guess which was well tied to the back of his bicycle. When he saw me, he came to me and asked in a strong Ekiti accent which I still wondered how I managed to understand what he was saying.

Where am i? Where are we? I asked him
Young man, where are you coming from? He asked me

At this point, I was scratching my head, still thinking hard how I got here. I don’t know sir. I replied him.

Come with me, come to my home. He said. I tagged along with him down to his house which was quite far from the place he met me. When we got to his house, he called his wife, Jaiyesinmi to prepare a room for me and also prepare pounded yam and Vegetable soup. He called his second wife, gave her one keg of palm wine to give the great hunter of the village, Akanbi for the exchange of two bush meat.

After eating, the man called me to the front of his hut and we began talking.

Young man he began. I am Adekanbi, the best palm wine tapper in this land. This is my home. I have two wives with two sons. What brought you to this land? He asked.

I don’t know. I just found myself here. I replied
Where do you live? He asked
I can’t remember what happened. (Scratching my head)
Don’t worry. You will remember everything as time goes on. Adekanbi said.
For all the period of my stay with Adekanbi, he never for once have a peace of mind because the two wives are always at loggerhead, Jaiyesinmi being the major culprit. All these time of my stay there, the two wives never crossed each other’s path or ask of anything from each other. I stayed with Adekanbi and his family for some moon time before this faithful day.

On this fateful day, Adekanbi had woken up quite early as usual to the farm to tap palm wine from palm trees. Jaiye was searching for one of her calabash so she could go to the stream to fetch water when she discovered it was missing. No doubt, she knew it was Iwalewa that might have taken the calabash. Out of annoyance, she stormed Iwalewa’s hut to search for her but she couldn’t find her. She stormed out of her hut heading to the stream. On her way to the stream, she met Iwalewa on the way. Without thinking twice, Jaiye pushed Iwa and she fell down, hence, making the calabash on her head fell and scattered. Jaiye was filled with rage and she engaged in a fight with Iwa. Iwalewa tried fighting back but Jaiye was having an upper hand. She knew she had to escape and run for her life. She managed to push Jaiye away from her while she ran home. Unknowing to Iwalewa, the moment she pushed Jaiye, she hit her head on a big stone which was close by. Jaiye touched her head and she saw the blood, her rage increased and she shouted with all her might and within a twinkling of an eye, she transformed into a spring.

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