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Judas in the church - Season 1 - Episode 33
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The men were comfortably watching soccer as they ate when they suddenly heard the noise outside and they came out to stop the noise.

What is going on here! Philip yelled.
Nothing the party is over.. im off to bed. Patience said.

When everyone had left Patience had a shower and then went to bed… Philip delayed to go to bed and she went to peep on him but she found he was just watching soccer in the sitting room while he smiled to himself as he looked at his phone.

Can we go to bed now? She asked him.

Ok honey I’m coming.. he said.

She stood behind the door peeping when he she saw him making sure that she had gone then he set a quick text and then walked to bed.

Did you have an accident when you went to pick my cake? She asked.

No honey why would you think that?.. she asked
ok.. I was just wondering why you took really long.. she said.

Oh I passed through the office..

And your shirt? Why did you come with your shirt inside out.. she asked..

Oh you noticed that?.. he giggled.

I guess I was rushing out when leaving, I just realised when I got back that I moved that way.. he said.

Patience could smell the lie from far away but she avoided any form of argument with him.. she decided to just ignore and sleep, although she hardly slept.

Nonde on the hand did not bother asking her husband.. she was positive that Petrina was mistaken and there was no way possible that he had built a house without her knowledge.
However, the following week as Nonde was buying some vegetables at the Tuesday veg market when she saw Bwalya.

Nonde couldn’t believe her eyes, Bwalya was looking very nice and neat.. she had plaited Masai and was in an expensive looking African dress commonly known as a bubu.

No no no, that can’t be Bwalya.. that really can’t be Bwalya. She said to herself.

And she looks pregnant.. She thought again
Nonde tried to push herself through the crowd to catch a clear glimpse of Bwalya but she lost her in the crowd. She remembered how she chased Bwalya like a dog from her house and now seeing her looking that good shocked her. How could it be? What sort of luck did the girl have?

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