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Judas in the church - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“I can’t believe I’m walking into my house..” Patience screamed excitedly.

The journey was long and the two had just arrived from their honeymoon, patience seemed to have enjoyed it all but her husband not so much.

“I can’t believe we are home honey.. And now in the comfort of our own home we can enjoy each other’s company all the time” her husband said as he reached out for a kiss.
‘no we just arrived, let me take a shower and rest and enjoy being in my house” patience said.

Philip dragged the luggage to the bedroom and turned on his laptop and internet to check his emails, it seemed he had missed a lot while and he tried to catch up as Patience had her shower.

“hey you..” she greeted as she returned to the bedroom form her shower.
“Oh hi gorgeous.. Come and join me over here” he said as he placed the laptop aside.
“Not a chance.. I’m so exhausted.. I just want some really hot tea and then I can take a nap” she said.

“You napped all through the journey” he said.

“Yep but wasn’t enough”
Patience sat by the dressing mirror touching her face when her husband joined her and gave her a gentle shoulder rub.
“Come on.. in our new house..” he whispered.

“no..” she quickly denied as she moved away.

“Actually.. Considering that you did not have any rest on the plane at all, and I mean at all… why don’t you instead take a shower, have a nap and then we can consider other things” she said.

“yep guess you’re right.. Let me shower” Philip said.

The couple were well rested all through the afternoon up until late at night when they were both awake doing nothing
“can I please have some food?’ Philip asked his wife who seemed to have been internet browsing on her phone.
Patience was quiet as if she had not heard a thing.

“hey.. can I please have some food?” he asked.

Patience turned to look at her husband..
“eh.. we are both tired and we agreed we would be each other’s helper. I am tired.. so why don’t you cook something.. besides I’m uploading our wedding pics on facebook.. the network is bad if I make any silent movement..” she said.
“uhmm.. really honey?”
“yes of course, I am not your maid..”she said before retuning to her phone.
“really? As in really Patience? A simple request for food has gone this far? I’m not happy… No I’m not” he said.
Patience burst into laughter.

“no I’m seriously not happy it is not even funny” she said.

“eh… I’m sorry.. It was a joke”
“no that wasn’t funny” Philip said.
While patience went on browsing Philip got himself some food and he also made his wife a plate of food.

“Thanks honey.. if you continue like this our marriage will last really long” she said.
Philip ignored her but had something else to discuss.

“yes my love…”
“baby I wanted us to discuss something.. sit upright” he said.

Patience quickly sat upright and looked at her husband with a smile.

“why are you smiling?” he giggled.
“I am guessing you want to discuss what happened on our honeymoon.. I don’t think it’s a good idea to discuss it” he said.
“really? And that is you talking?”
“honey I told you… those things you are asking me to do are demonic” she said.
“I guess..” he sighed.

“no seriously honey we had this discussion before hand and you agreed..” patience said.
“Yes I agreed to some things and not everything..”

“You are a Christian and you are saved, why can’t you control yourself? Why do you want to explore unnecessary things.. Besides white people survive without going through that” she said.

“Well we are not whites, I have heard of it and I think it’s not a bad idea. I would really like you to try my wife.. remember you are supposed to make me happy and I am supposed to make you happy” she asked.
“Tradition is tradition!”
“awe those things are demonic.. I can’t” she said.

Philip trying not to raise his temper left the bedroom and went to the living room, his wife quickly followed him.

“honey.. perhaps we should pray about it.. this thing is conflicting with our beliefs” she said.
“there’s no evil in you just learning even just a few things.. I get that we are a Christian power couple my love but please come on.. ” he said.

“like what?” she asked rudely.
“I know how to cook, I know how to make you happy when you are sad, I know what you like.. what else?”

Philip tried hard not to hit the nail on the head to avoid hurting her feelings. He did not want to seem too demanding but she was pushing him to the limit.
“baby.. come on.. I love you and I just want whats best for us.. maybe just learn some bedroom..”
“hold it right there! I knew this is what it was all about, you are so ungrateful.. what haven’t I done? All you just want is to satisfy your ego.. I’m not some object for your fantasies! You better get your head from these worldly fantasies and realise that there’s much more to marriage than bedroom issues.. and I’m so hurt.. are you saying I’m pathetic? Besides the last time I checked we were both virgins so where is all this stress coming from? Did you learn anything from somewhere. Anyway get a hold of yourself.. please!” she yelled.
Philip was lost for words and just kept quiet staring at the ceiling wondering where he had gone wrong.

Meanwhile Petrina was proposed to and plans were soon underway for her big day, she couldn’t wait. She had all her fantasies coming true in just a short period of time, it was if the heavens just opened and smiled at her.

It had been weeks since the wedding and Philip didn’t seem to agree on anything with Patience. Almost all the time she was singing about how work was hectic and how they both had to cook or do other things together, he didn’t seem to have a problem with it but she acted indifferent every night. He decided not to talk about sensitive issues for fear of hurting but he instead found it much to confide in a friend over lunch.

“See.. I still don’t understand why you are complaining.. a woman putting me under that kind of stress? Nonsense.. I will be gone in no time” his friend said.
“no man.. you don’t know what marriage is..”

“and you do? So why are you complaining? Look either she learns to attend to her duties or she goes.. give her that option. So what if she’s working? Aren’t you working too?”
“yes but at the moment she contributes to expenses and I think she has the right to feel the way she does. I’m a man and I can’t even pay for everything”

“In this economy people help each other.. You can’t depend on one salary.. Does she meet you halfway on everything?..”

“So then why the stress? You are doing what you can, don’t stress.. she just need to respect you brother. I told you from the beginning you spoilt her too much”
“no I didn’t.. I just loved her..”
“By making the rest of us guys think we are doing little for our women? Anyway.. put her in her place..she is your woman”
“see that’s the problem I don’t want to address the issue” he said.

“but why?”
“because I don’t want to hurt her feelings” he said.

“well if you don’t.. you will certainly hurt her feelings because soon you will start entertaining other thoughts”

After work that day Philip decided to pass through the boutique where Tisa worked, for some reason he thought of just passing by to say hallo and apologise for letting her run off that way. Philip had a long battle in his car of what he was going to do until he finally decided that he was just going to say hello and leave.

“Sir she no longer works here.. she owns her own boutique now”
“madam.. I’m sorry but do you know where that is?” he asked worriedly.
“Yes.. But I can give you her number so you call her..” the woman by the counter replied.
“No mum…. Her address will be just fine.. we are old friends I want to surprise her” he said

Philip got the paper where Tisa’s number was drafted and he happily rushed into his car. It was a Friday and the following day he left his wife at the salon before proceeding to Tisa’s shop. Looking at her from outside he froze for a minute, she looked just as beautiful as before. His mind began asking him why he went there in the first place as he stared at his ring for a minute.

“maybe I should open up to Patience and honestly tell her my concerns..” he thought.
Another voice interrupted.
“She’s a woman she has to know her duties I don’t have to remind her.. Besides I’m just befriending Tisa nothing more”
Philip walked in sheepishly to the amazement of Tisa.. Her mouth hang low in shock.

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