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Journey to igbo irumole - Season 1 - Episode 26
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When next I woke up, I saw myself on the bed..‎

Joke : shebi I told u not to go the other time but u refused to listen to my words

Me : hmmm! No vex madam joke
I stood up and tried to walk out, then again I hit my head against the door ‎,it hurts really hard and It was then that I could think of Cynthia, cus right from the time I was attacked, I totally lost the memory of Cynthia, that very moment was when I could recall everything about her..and what scares me more about her wellbeing is kola. Kola might have attacked her after he had done all he wants with me..i quickly stood up and tell them I have to get the egg before they submit it to the whites.

Joke : no you can’t go, your wound are still fresh

Me : don’t worry I will take care of myself

Joke dad : joke calmdown, he is a brave guy, am sure he will sort himself out..

Me : thank you sir, I will have to take my leave now sir

Joke dad : feel free to come back here anytime you like..

Me : ok sir..

I stood up and move out of the sitting room, on my way going I overheard someone following me, I knew it was joke but I pretend as If I don’t, then she called me. Before I could spell nut, she planted a wet kiss on my lips. I was very surprised but not that much sha, I responded accordingly, she hold me tight for about 5 minutes before she let go of me..

Joke : ben! Sorry I can no longer control my feelings towards you, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you..pls stay alive and come back for me

Me : joke, don’t worry I will be back..bye
She held my hand a insert something there, then she turn and walk away, I held that for about 5 minutes before I opened it .. it was a beautiful golden chain, I looked at it an smile, then I walked towards the direction given to me by joke’s dad…

I walked for several hours then finally I found my way out of the jungle..

Now am back to claim what rightly belongs to me.. I head straight to the white mens camp, I saw tk and others busy celebrating and dinning, I walked into the crowd, when tochuwku saw me he almost fell from his chair..

Tochuwku : ben, please don’t kill me please (he was actually crying)

Me : stand up am not dead, am alive

Tochuwku : no I don’t believe

Me : ok how do you want me to prove it? …me ok

I picked a glass of wine and turn in some liquor into it, I gulped them and smiled

Me ; see now? Am not dead
Immediately he jumped up and hug me..

Tochuwku : ben, what really happen, kola and Cynthia arrived this morning with the report that you were attacked by a hungry lion that tore u apart..

Me : hahahaha, funny.. anyways that’s a story for another day, where is Cynthia and kola

Tochuwku : they are inside

Me : ok..

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