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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I saw the history teacher coming out from the office with tears in her eyes which she was trying to wipe clean with a handkerchief and she enter the staff office which was at the latter end of the school building perpendicular to the principal office.i stood transfixed at the spot wondering what must have happen in the principal office that must have trigger tears in the eyes of the history teacher. The teacher came out few minutes later with her handbag and she started going home surprising the living daylights out of me,well not just me coz I could fathom 50 percent of the students on the field gaze Was solemnly on her.

I really felt like knowing what transpire between the teacher and the angry Bird at the principal office but who will I ask?, talking about Isabella,i still have not set up my eyes and on her,where could she have gone to,i thought within me. The Bell Was later rang and we all went inside the class, as fate will have it we had a free period after the break and I sat down quietly on my seat reminencing on all that happen on my first day in the school.

“poor wealth”.

I heard from the other role and I saw a uchenna The big guy that was insulting me earlier that morning heading toward me with an Angry expression he was actually referring to me with that callus name and he sat down close to me.
“people Like you can never be recognized in this school so the earlier you get that into your head the better”.

He said and I elucidated with a nod.

“one more thing”.

He said holding his ear and I stare at him like that of a child awaiting a command from his father.

“you are seating close to her does not guarantee you the right to do any thing sillybhere,i don’t trust you”.he elucidated and I nod my head again not knowing what to say as all the eyes were already on me as they were all laughing skeptically.

“if you want to enjoy your day in this school,stay away from my girlfriend”he added.
“which girl is That? “I ask for the first time with a confuse espression,a decision which I later regretted cos a hot knock landed on my head the moment I completed the question.
“am sorry sir ”

I quickly apologise as laughter was already humming out of every lip’s in the class which trigger tears in my eyes.just then, the devil That they were referring to walk majestically into the class and the boy quickly ran to his seat as total silent return the the four corner of the class.
“who actually is this girl that everyone is scared off?,I ask in my was then i understand what uchenna was saying,he Was warning me to stay away from Isabella.but come to think of it why will he ran away Just because of the mere approach of Isabella if they were really dating?,I ask my self again creating a wide space for Her to go in and she sat down comfortably.i took a quick glance at her wondering why a beautiful Girl Like her will be full of mischief maybe it is her position as the most beautiful girl in the school that is deciving her or so I thought.the urge to ask her what happen in the principal office and why the history teacher was crying was bugging on me but I dare not utter it not while am seeing it visibly clear that everyone want her but are scared at the mention of her name.

“lend me your note I want to update mine”i heard someone said in my head,in a beautiful voice but I could not fathom who the person is. I turn back staring at the class looking for the person That utter The word only to discover that some where taking a quick glance on me while the others were minding their business.

“are you deaf, I said lend me your notes I want to update my notebooks “Isabella bluntly elucidated.

“o. M. G, did she just talk to me”.i said in my mind with joy surging through me not minding the manner she utter it Like a command in a disorganised manner.i was so happy I could not fathom the reason for my joy and I quickly focus my gaze on my books selecting the ones we wrote in her absent,then I raised my head up to meet the Shocking sight that spoiled my joy completely,a sight That makes me to regret ever coming to the school That day.i saw………..

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