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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“because,your teaching today is as useless just like the EA in TEA”.

she retorted amidst anger,a pin drop silence overide the whole Class and the teacher stood motionless close to the board completely embarrassed.

“what kind of a school is this?”I asked myself rhetorically in my mind
if a student can embarrass the living daylights out of a teacher like this in front of the whole Class I wonder what they will do to me.
“Isabella okenwa “.

the teacher called her full names and Isabella sat down quietly still with her angry expression.i can vow with my kidney that this girl as never smile in her life.

“what I taught is what I saw in my history text book provided for me by the school authority,what I was taught when I was a scholar like you “.

The teacher bluntly emphasis trying to scrutinise the situation to avoid further embarrassment .
“you are lieing ma”.Isabella exclaimed still with her angry expression as the whole class was as silent as a graveyard,who is this girl that Every one is scared off? “I ask myself rhetorically in my mind.
“what you are saying are not in the book in your hands”she added.

I thought the teacher will try to prove her wrong by showing us the topic in the textbook but rather she did something crazy that make me to believe Isabella was right.

She arranged all her materials from the table at the front role and she exit the class.the whole class went uproar once again as they chant and hail Isabella who seem not to care a dime about them.

I thought all this only happen in undeveloped school I never knew even the rich also cry. I thought am the only one that is gonna be embarrassed for the day,in short what Isabella or should I say Angry Bird as am fund of calling her did to that teacher made me think they were just petting ME all this while and I stare at the beautiful Angry bird close to me for the first time, feeding my eyes of her beautiful face,oval mouth pointed nose,infact she was completely perfect.

why will a beautiful creation Like her be naturally blessed with a Dark heart?,I asked myself rhetorically.


few minute later,two male prefect were sent to summon Isabella to the principal office and she follow them with no Hard feelings,i saw them glancing at Isabella’s a-s stylishly as they went out together while we sat down in the class pondering on what they are gonna do to her.

the feeling is cool though cos no one seem to care about the bare footed student in their mist anymore as all discussion were about the clash between the ever silent and Angry Isabella and the teacher while I sat motionless thinking about my will I coup in this school when everyone seems hate me,how am I gonna stay in a school when no one is willing to be my friend just because am from a poor Home,how will I be made to seat along side a girl I detest so much,a girl that never care about herself not to talk of another person,is it a sin to be poor, is it my fault that my father is dead?,am destine to be embarrass for life?,I ask myself in my mind then I rested my head on my desk as tears that I was trying hard to stop from falling came rushing down from my eyes and I tried to clean them up with the back of my is now obvious to me that coming to this school is a definite bad idea if my first day in school is this bad I wonder how My stay in the school is gonna look like,i thought in my mind as more tears came crashing down from my eyes.


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