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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 33
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i wake up to an empty bed
wondering how i got here. I
remember getting angry at Steven, regretting
it and using the thunder as an excuse to cuddle with him. I also
remember Steven singing
different lullaby for me but that’s where i
draw a blank. I must have fallen asleep and Steven must have
carried me to bed. Did he sleep
beside me last night?.Where is he then?. I get
off the bed to look for him and that’s when i notice a tray on the
bed side table. The tray contains a cup of green tea, some biscuits
and a written note. Make sure you drink this for your
morning sickness. Both the tea
and the biscuit are made of ginger. I
hear it helps. P.S. Will be back in an hour. Don’t miss me too much. *winks* i cant help it. I burst into laughter.

Maybe he failed the food test but its so clear that he cares about
me. I drink the tea and eat a few of the biscuits. My stomach seems
settle as i perform my early
morning routine. I order some bread from the
kitchen downstairs and eat it with
my ice-cream while waiting for
Steven. Am almost done with
breakfast when Steven works in. “Steven!” i yell excitedly and run
to embrace him. “wow. Someone is happy to see me this morning”he says and i laugh. “well you deserve that hug for the biscuits and tea. I feel fine” “wow. That’s good. I think you
are also going to like what i have planned today”
he says “really? What is it?” “okay, my sis texted me this
morning about jessica’s birthday

and i know you don’t have anything
here to wear that is appropriate
for the party. So–” “you bought me clothes?!”
i ask excited “no”he says and my face falls. “what i was going to say before you interrupted is, i got you a private clothes stylist and she will
be here soon”.
We hear a knock
at the door and Steven smiles. “that must be her. Tell me you are excited because i am. I get to see you try different clothes till we
find something perfect for tomorrow”
he ramble on as he goes to the door to let the stylist in. I am excited just like him because
duh, what girl wouldn’t love to do dress up in front of her man?. Not this girl. I walk to the living room to see a guy day in a rack of
dresses. A stunning lady dressed fully in designer everything walks
in. “hi Mr Steven, I’m zoe. The stylist
you hired”
she says and smile longingly at Steven. I know that look because I always have that look. I walk in between them and smile brightly. “and am toni, his pregnant fiance” “toni, isn’t that like a guy’s
she whispers and i gasp.
Why are all the stylist I’ve met so
obnoxious. Steven must probably
sense my boiling state because he drag me
behind him. “zoe. Thanks for coming on such short notice. This is antonia, my babies’ mama and i want you to
find a dress she can wear to a
child’s birthday party. Some not too
he says “leave that to me. I know just the perfect dress for her” she says and move to the rack. Steven moves to
sit on the couch as he watch zoe dress me. All the dresses i have tried so far are either too tight for tummy or have too much
cleavage. Steven is obviously
amused by this. He finally stands up and walk to the rack. He moves through
hangers and brings a dress out. Its a red
lacy trapeze dress with an asymmetric hem. The neckline is high so there won’t be cleavage problem. “i love red, i love lace and i think you will look fabulous in this. Go try”he says and pushes me to
the bathroom. I try it on and
check my reflection on the mirror. Wow. It
feels so soft. I walk out of the bathroom and Steven stands and walks to me. “you look amazing”he says and
peck me lips. Yes! Take that zoe.

Zoe clears her throat and Steven turns
to her. “she’ll have this dress. Get her
shoes that will go with it and whatever else she’ll need. Just no
necklace. I got that”
he says. It doesn’t take long to find the perfect shoe. I choose silver peep-toe pumps with ankle
straps. They are just gorgeous
and not too high. I am already so excited
about tomorrow. For accessories,
zoe chooses ornami open twist
fishhook sterling silver drop
earrings. Who knew a earring could have a long name?. After about two hours, i
have all I’ll need for tomorrow’s party
and We bid zoe goodbye. We
relax with the television set the rest of
the day. We are currently sitting on the couch after having dinner. “someone is going to look gorgeous tomorrow.”Steven says “well thank you”i stand up and
curtsey. “i don’t think nelly would like you stealing her spotlight”he says and we laugh. I stare longingly at the
shoes. So beautiful. They look like they sparkle in the light. “oh no!”i say “what’s wrong?” “i chose peep-toe shoes.” “so?” “i have to have my nails done!” “i don’t think we can find
someone to do it for you now. Its
already late. Cant you do it yourself?” “well i can. But i don’t think my
hands can reach my toes
i say pointing to my protruding
stomach. “oh. I think i can do it for you.
Nothing a few tutorials on
YouTube cant solve”
he says and brings his phone out. We watch some nails tutorial videos online. Steven goes
out for some minutes and comes back with red nail polish. I wonder where he got it. “so are you ready?”he asks and i
nod. “good, now lie back and place
your feet on my lap”
he says and i
do it obediently. “are you sure, you can do this?”i ask timidly “trust me”he says then left my left
feet up. Its ticklish and i squirm. “babe, you have to stay still so i won’t make a mistake.” “but its ticklish”i giggle and he shake his head. We battle for
almost an hour before Steven finish both
my feet and it actually looks great. He volunteers to do my fingernails
but i thank him. He’s done so
much already. I can handle my fingers
on my own. “thank God. My neck is killing me.

I have to sleep now. Don’t stay up too late”
he says and walks to the
bedroom. Wow, he is
presumptuous. What makes him think i want to sleep on the same bed with him?.

I shake my head and paint my
fingers. By the time, i am done, i
am so sleepy. I drag myself to bed to see
Steven sleeping and an idea hits me. I g the nail polis from the
living room and paint all Steven toenails. He is going to flip when
he sees this tomorrow.

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