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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 32
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i was already waiting for antonia
in the reception room when i saw the rain start.I had to bribe a
security guard before he lent me
his umbrella. I rush outside to save
her from the rain. I see antonia walking fast toward me and i run
to her. I get to where she is and
she launches her self into my arms. I
catch her and she hugs me tight. I open the umbrella and cover the
both of us. The rain fall around us and we just hug for awhile. I hold
antonia and rest my chin on her hair. She smells so good. After
awhile i pull her away from me. “hey, what’s with the hug?” i ask. “what?. You hugged me, not the
other way around.”
she says and
starts walking away. I run after her
covering her with the umbrella. “stop walking away from me.
you’ll get sick.”
i say and she
stops. “okay, i guess I’ll just have to
endure walking with you”
says then move to my side. I put my hands
around her waist and tuck her
closer to me. She lean on me and we
walk into the hotel. When we get
to the elevator, i stop and raise my eye
brow at antonia. She roll her eyes then press the button for the
elevator. It opens and she stroll in without meeting my eyes. I laugh
then hop in too. The ride is silent as antonia tries to avoid my eyes. “you know, you never told me the
name of the website where you learnt that elevators
are not good for pregnant
i say as soon as we get off. “shut up”she grinds out and i

laugh. “you should have just told me you
wanted to be carried. By me.” “whatever”
she says and walk
faster to our suite. The smell of food reminds us of the dinner we were going to have before nelly’s visit and i move to
the kitchen to dish out our food but antonia stops me. “why don’t you go in and change your clothes. You were mostly out
of the umbrella our entire walk and i
don’t want you to catch a cold”

she says smiling sweetly and i cant
help but get suspicious. “umm alright. I’ll just change my clothes. I’ll be back in five to set the table for us” “don’t worry. Leave the setting for
me. Take a long as you want”
she says. I shrug my shoulder and
walk to the room to change. I
make a quick work of changing and rush
back to the living room to help antonia. I notice that she is
serving only a plate of food and i
help her retrieve another plate to serve
mine. “no!. Stop!” she shouts at me. “what?. I just want to help” “don’t help.”she takes the plate
from me and push me out of the
kitchen. “watch a movie or something. I’ll bring the food here when I’m
she says “here? what’s wrong with the
dining?” “stop questioning me and do
what i say!”
she snap and i raise
my hand in surrender. I obediently park my
butt on the couch and surf
through channels. I settle on a sport
channel still wondering what
antonia is up to. About five minutes later,
antonia appears with a plate of spaghetti. No scratch that. A bowl
of spaghetti. I rush and help her with it. “woah. Who’s gonna eat this?” i
ask after placing it on the table. “what? Its too much?” she asks. “[well, yea.look at it””its not too
much for four people”
she says pointing to her stomach and i
laugh. “oh sorry. I totally forgot we have
company. Come on, sit. You must
be hungry”
i say and sit her beside
me on the couch. “i don’t normally eat much” she says in her defence and i give her
a thumbs up. She prays on the meal
and we commence eating. Its
silent for awhile until antonia speaks. “nelly told me about the conflict
between you and your brother.

Am so sorry, my land made it worse and
drove him insane”
she says. “this isn’t your fault sweets. You
should never think that. I should be the one apologizing for getting
you almost killed. I really hope you can forgive me”
i say and she
just gives me a sad smile. I don’t want to push her. If she isn’t
ready to have this talk, i won’t
force it. “okay enough of the sad talk. Let
finish this meal and get some rest”

i say and take the last spoon of
food. I see antonia staring at me
and i stop with the food halfway to my
mouth. “what?” i ask “umm you are going to eat that?”
she asks “ofcourse. Is anything wrong
with that?” “not really”
she says. Why is she acting so strange over a spoon of food?. I shrug and am about to
put the food in my mouth when
antonia stomps off to the room. “hey, baby. What have i done
i ask as i run after her. “leave me alone” she slams the
door and i hear the door click
lock. “hey, come on. Open the door”i
knock but she does not reply.

After knocking for some minutes
without any success, i relent and
walk back to the living room. What could i
have done wrong now?.

Pregnancy hormones is so frustrating to live
with oh. I rub my neck in frustration and lie on the couch.

A sudden lightning lights the sky and a violent thunder strikes. I
hear antonia scream and she
comes running towards me. She jumps
on the couch with me and hide
her face in my neck. She presses her body
to mine and mind you, i am not complaining. “babe, its just thunder” i say
soothingly. “its scary” she says and i laugh. “are you laughing at me?” she
raise her face and glare at me. I
raise my hands up in surrender again. “no! Me? Godforbid. You know i
will never do that na”
she smile a
bit and yawns. “you did! So as punishment, you
have to sing me to sleep”
she says
and snuggle into me again. I sing her
numerous songs and we lie on
the couch snuggled together for
almost an hour before she finally
fall asleep and I carry her to our bed.


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