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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 31
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“umm, ofcourse you can. its just
that we were not expecting any company” Steven replies while rubbing his neck awkwardly. “but you said we should meet
often to mend the rift our dad tore between us. I’ll just leave then”

nelly says and pout. I just keep quiet and watch their exchange. “its just i want-” Steven says and nelly cut him off. “yea, i totally understand. What was i thinking? You guys probably want me gone so you can
continue that thing you were
she winks at us and i start
coughing. “no, w-e were just cooking”
I sputter out still coughing. Steven
runs to my side and starts patting my
back. “antonia, are you okay?” i raise
my hand to signify that I’m okay. I turn to look at nelly who is
making kissing gestures with her
hands. My cough starts again and she
giggles. Steven glare at his sister
and she stops immediately then bring
me a glass of water. Her baby
starts crying and Steven takes her from
nelly. “thank you” “no need to thank me. I caused it.

You guys are just so adorable. I cant believe Steven actually
she whispers. “you know i can hear you right?”
Steven says while rocking the
infant in his arms. Nelly grin at him while
Steven shakes his head and leave. “i like this new Steven.”she says
which pique my curiosity. “what do you mean, new?” “he’s normally so serious and distant. Can you believe, we lived

in the same house for years but i can
count the number of times he
smiles with just one of my finger.

That once being the last day he left the house”. “really? So he wasn’t close to his
i ask “yea. So i am happy that he has found someone he could love.” “i don’t think what he feels for me
is love” “look girl. He has been grinning
like an idiot ever since i walked in. That smile is for you. I can see that
you’re holding back on my brother. Please, let go and love him.

This is going to be the first real family he’ll have.” “umm-“
i say but she continues “our father had never let him get
close to his family. He always set up things that would drive a
wedge between us.

The last competition killed my brother.”
she says and close her eyes at the painful
thought. I pat her shoulder to console her
even when i know that brother
almost killed me and Steven. “am sorry for my outburst its just that i cant believe my brother died because of a stupid land and
Steven almost got killed too.

Thank God its over and that curse land isn’t
needed anymore”
she says and
my hand stop moving. “its not?” i ask “no, my dad was the one after
that land so now that he is dead,
its not needed. It was not even
necessary. My dad knows the land
owner won’t sell so he used it as a
challenge for his sons. God, i am
so happy that i am not a boy.”
says and wipe her tear eyes. She doesn’t even notice my stun expression. How could a father be so cruel?. I really pity Steven.

Growing up in that kind of a
family wouldn’t be easy. I look at where
he is sitting on the couch and sigh in approval at the sight of Steven with nelly’s baby on his chest. I imagine nelly’s daughter as ours
and the image is so perfect in my mind.

If only he loves me sincerely, everything would be perfect. Wait a minute. Nelly just said Steven doesn’t need the land.

That means he wants me for me. Not for my land.

Could this be real. Does Steven sincerely want me and our children?. I am so lost in thoughts
that i forget nelly until she snaps her
fingers in my face. “girl! Where’s your mind?” “oh am sorry. Did you say Steven
doesn’t need that land anymore?” “yes. Why?” “nothing. So what were you
i ask. I feel so excited
right now. My hope is high. Steven might
sincerely love me and the thought
is making me giddy. Why did i even
doubt him when he has been so
sweet and caring to me?. Mom told me,
he never left the hospital except
for some minutes every day for the
two months i was in a coma. She
said he brought his work to the hospital. “the actual reason i am here is to
invite you and Steven to Jessica’s birthday party tomorrow. Here is your invite”
she hands me an invitation card then sashay out of the kitchen and I walk behind her
with a big grin on my face. She takes her
baby from Steven who burst into
wails. “shh. Jessica, its mommy” she coo to the baby and the baby falls
back asleep “what did you give my daughter that she does not want to leave
she scold steven playfully. “what can i say, i am a chick
Steven says and smile at
me. I cant help but smile back. “hey, love birds. Let me leave before you start giving each other love stares.”she says then drag me with her. “antonia, walk me out. You Stay”
she says to Steven and he pout. “antonia shouldnt be out of the house, she’s supposed to be on bedrest” he yells after us but nelly ignore him. We take the elevator and we are out in the street in no
time. “i just have one advice for you, let
yourself fall in love with Steven he loves you. I know it”
she says and i sigh.

“I’ll give you one expo. Serve
your dinner in the same plate and
if he leaves the last spoon of food for
you, that’s true love sweedy. Men don’t joke about their food except the one they love.

Goodbye antonia. See you at the party”
she hug me then hop into a taxi which just stopped at our front. I stare at the
taxi as it carry her away. I start walking back into the hotel
when a drop of rain hit me. Before
i take another step, it starts raining
heavily. I shriek at the coldness of the rain then start walking
faster. Before i reach the hotel
gate, i see Steven running towards me
with an umbrella and i smile.

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