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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“shut up, i cant hear the movie” i
say to shut Steven up. I don’t
want to hear him talk about his ex
fiance. He probably loved her
sincerely. Maybe he still loves her. Unlike me,
who he wants just for selfish reasons. I am trying to hide my
jealousy and if he talks about Jane right now, i know I’ll burst out in
tears. His closeness is already playing tricks with my senses. We
watch the movie in silence for almost an hour before Steven
breaks it. “so how’s your ankle?”he asks and i turn to him. “its fine. No need to worry” but before i finish my statement, i find my legs on Stevens lap. “we should massage it to prevent
it from getting swollen”
he says. “don’t!”i scream because my feet
are really ticklish. My shout turns into giggles as soon as he places his hands on my right foot. “sto-p i-t. It tic-kles”i laugh out
and Steven grins. “hmm, so you are ticklish on your feet. Where else are you ticklish. Wait, let me find out myself”he
says then starts tickling my sides. I laugh so hard i almost pee my
pants and memories of this same
thing happening just few weeks ago
bombard me. Alot has happened
ever since. I missed this and i want it again
but not at the expense of a
broken heart. I don’t think i can take it
this time. Steven keeps tickling me and i laugh crazily. His hand
moves upward on his way to
tickle my armpits and it brushes my b----t.

He freezes and look into my eyes. Our eyes lock but i break the

speed as i look away. ‘You cant
get s----d into his life. He is a liar’
repeat continuously to remind myself. “antonia, please-“Steven says but
i stand up quickly from the couch and run into the room. ‘don’t get
s----d into his life. He is a liar”
i murmur to myself as i throw
myself on his bed. The bed smells
like him and i take comfort in one of
his pillows. I remain like this, with my face pressed to the Steven-
scented pillow for a long while
before i hear Steven walk in. I close my
eyes and pretend to be asleep. “antonia, are you awake?” he
asks cautiously. “i just wanted to tell you the food is in the kitchen if you get hungry. I have to go out. I’ll be
back soon.”
he continues but i
don’t stir. I remain silent. His footsteps
starts getting closer and i feel his weight on the bed. It takes everything in me to not open my eyes to see what he’s doing. I don’t
wonder for long as i feel one of
his hand caress my cheek. “you look so peaceful right now. I am sorry for all the stress and pain you had to go through
because of me. If i could take all
your pains i would. Am so sorry and i
love you. I love you with every breathe in me. I need you and our babies. Please open your heart to me”
he says then chuckles. “i should be saying this when
you’re awake.”
i hear him sigh
after saying this then feel his lips on my
forehead. Something wet falls on my face. Is he crying?. “now i am crying like a girl.”he says then stand. I want to kiss
him, hug him and console him but i
also don’t want to. I am so
confused right now. Is this acting or real?.

Steven walks out of the room and
i let my tears fall.I sob into the
pillow. I am so confuse right
now.I don’t want to make the wrong
decision because i know I’ll regret
it for life. What do i choose now? A
career in Paris or a family in Nigeria. Well, i cant make a decision right now. My head hurts
and i am so hungry. Steven did say the
food was in the kitchen. “let’s go get some food” i say while rubbing my round tummy. I walk to the kitchen/dining and find food lined on the table. I quickly sit on one of the chair and rub my
hands together. The thought of
food has cheered me up considerably. “i bless this food and sanctify it in
Jesus name.”
i pray then grin at the food. A paper under one of the plates catches my eyes and i pick it up. Its a message addressed to me.

Going out for a while. Will be back
before you know it. I know you couldn’t resist the food.*winks* i smile at the paper. He actually wrote *winks*. How old is he?. I roll my eyes at the paper then
place it carefully on the table
before i dig into the meal. After eating, i
move to the sitting room and watch ‘blank panther’ on mbc2. The delicious smell of stew permeates the air and i open my eyes.

Everywhere has gotten dark. I
must have fallen asleep during the movie. I sit up and notice a small
blanket covering my legs. It
wasn’t here before i dozed off. The smell
of stew meets my nose again and i stand up and follow the aroma to the kitchen. I see Steven filtering spaghetti. He doesn’t see me as am behind him so i just watch him
as he moves around the kitchen with
ease. “like what you see?”he asks then turn to face me. “ho-w did you know?” “oh, i can feel you. Whenever you
are close, my blood just fizz in excitement”
he says and i blush. “hope you guys are hungry, because daddy just finished
cooking spaghetti”
he says while looking
at my baby bump. I smile at him
and he looks stun. “did you just smile at me?.

Halleluyah. Its a miracle”
he says
and i laugh.Steven serves some
spaghetti and stew on a small
plate and pass it to me. “appetizer”he says and wink. I laugh as he turns back and put finishing touches to the meal.Once in a
while, he’ll turn back and open his mouth for me to feed him.I was
hesitant the first time but its too fun, i continue.A knock at the
door stops us and i get up to go
check since Steven is a bit pre-occupied.I
open the door to see a very beautiful woman.She’s carrying a baby in her arms.I look from the woman to the sleeping baby. “you must be steven’s fiance.He
told me so much about you when
we talked after our dad’s funeral.

Wow, its true, you are beautiful.I hope you are using your pregnancy to get whatever you
want from him”
she says and i frown. “no sweetheart.I meant,
pregnancy is an opportunity for
us women to control our man”
she says and i laugh. “oh forgive my manners, come in”i say and direct her in. Steven is already walking towards us. “sis. Nelly, what are you doing here?” “just wanted to see my sister-in- law or cant i?”she winks at me and i smile.Steven looks at me but i just shrug.


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