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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Waking up from my coma has
opened my eyes to how naive i
have been before now. So naive that i fell in
love with two people who just wanted to use me. So naive that
my best friend for many years was lying to my face and i didn’t
suspect a thing. Well, no more. I
would take this new chance at life to
make myself stronger. Steven
probably thinks he can fool me again, well
he is sorely mistaken. I don’t want to live with him during my two
weeks bed rest but my conniving
mother decided to drag my poor father to
a missionary travel which they
never planned to attend before. I know
my mother wants us to get
married but i am determined to make it on my
own. I will look for work or
maybe i will take up the French man’s offer
and go to Paris for that chef internship programme. I want to
be able to provide for my babies
when they are due. I already cleared it
with the French man and he has agreed to let me on the
programme with my pregnancy.
According to him, i have alot of potential and he
would take me on the programme
with or without child. The only reason i
agreed to live with him is because
i didn’t want to disobey my mom.

He will be under my mercy for the
next two weeks and i would frustrate
him with many pregnancy
tantrums that he’ll beg me to leave. This is going
to be so much fun. I hear my hospital room door open and i
feign sleep. I am supposed to be discharged today and its probably
Steven coming to take me home.

Well, plan activated. I hear footsteps
walking towards me and i brace
myself for what i have in mind. Steven
taps my shoulder to wake me and
i groan as if asleep and push my
legs back to hurt him. “ow!”someone screams and that
person is definitely not Steven.

This voice is deeper. I turn slowly and
see that i just kicked my doctor’s balls. Oops. I see Steven with his
hands to his mouth and i know
he’s holding back his laugh. “i am sorry, doctor”i bend my
head in shame and the doctor
who is a middle aged man groans
something which i don’t catch as
he walks hurriedly away from the room. “do you want to kill the
Steven tease and i just
hiss at him. “someone is grumpy this early
morning. Just chill, i am here to
take you home. Home being my house.

Are you ready?” “i don’t think i have the strength
to pack my things. Can you help
me pack my bags. Please”
i ask and
give him my most innocent face. “sure, anything for you” he says
and he walks to the table beside
my bed. He arranges and puts every
of my belongings in a bag my
mom brought me yesterday before she
left with my dad. I smile at the
image of Steven folding and arranging
my clothes. My smile falls when he raises a piece of clothing up. Its
my [email protected] Steven turns to me
and raises his eyebrows at me
teasingly. I jump off the bed and
try to retrieve it from him. He’s taller
than me so i cant reach it as he raises it higher. I stretch on my
toes trying to get it from him and i lose my balance. I almost fall
backwards but Steven catches me
with one hand firmly around my hip
and the other on my left b----t. I
look from his hand grabbing my b----t
and his face. He’s grinning at me. “they’ve grown bigger”he says
and i gasp. I push him away from
me and lose my balance again. And
Steven catches me yet again. This
time, he secures me firmly to him with my
b----t pressed to his chest. I look into his eyes and i have an insane
urge to kiss him. His head starts coming closer and i know he’s
going to kiss me but i don’t move.

My brain is shouting at me to stop
him but my body wants it
desperately. Our face is so close now and he
diverts to my neck and kiss it. “you smell so good”he says and
his hot breathe on my neck
causes a shudder to run through me.
Steven cups my face in his hands
and caress it. He’s about to kiss me on the lips this time when the door flies open and jump away from Steven. “be careful, baby”Steven chastise
me. “don’t call me that” i say and walk out of the room. I hear the nurse who just walked in on us, telling
Steven to go to the doctor’s office before we leave. Twenty minutes later, we are on
our way to steven’s hotel. I have
to remember that i shouldnt fall for
steven’s lies and s£duct!on again. ‘Who was seducing who a while
ago’ my inner voice asks me and i
just shut her down.

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