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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Even though i had threatened to
kill James numerous times, his
death still shakes me. I use my palm and
cover his eyes close. Few minutes later, an ambulance comes to carry his body away. Some tools were also brought with which antonia was
cut out of the car. Antonia’s still body is carried in another
ambulance and thankfully, she’s
alive. I hold her hands all through the
journey to the hospital while whispering that i love her and our
baby. She cant hear me though as she is still unconscious. We arrive
at the hospital fast and antonia is carried quickly into the hospital.

I run beside them still holding her hands like its an assurance that she won’t let go and leave me.

Antonia is carried into the
operation room and i am stopped
by the door. “please let me go in with you. She needs me. I have to be there for her and our baby” i protest. “sir, you cant help her in here and what you are doing right now is delaying the surgery. Now, go
and fill out the necessary form.

Your wife will be out in no time. Also
get her family here.”
a nurse tells me and i nod my head.

The nurse gives me a re-assuring smile and rushes into the O.R. After i finish filing all the necessary documents, i inform antonia’s parents about her accident. I
didn’t have any of their contacts
except Mr Solomon and he was so mad at
me on the phone for putting his daughter in harm’s way. It doesn’t
take long before i see him rush into the hospital with his wife and

son in tow. “Mr Solomo-“i get punched in the face before i get the name out of my mouth. I grab my nose which
feels broken and look to pastor
solomon’s who is grabbing his sore
knuckles. His wife and son look
stun. “am so sorry sir, this is all my
i say “you’ve hurt my daughter too much. I don’t want you to see her ever again. Now leave!” he says “Mr Solomon, please. I need to be
here, i have to know if she and
our baby is ok”
i plead. “babies” antonia’s mother
whisper beside her husband. I
look at her with wide eyes and she nods to
confirm my suspicion. Antonia is
having twins. I am going to be a father of
two in no distant future. This is a mind-f--k. I cant believe three people i love so much are
currently between life and death right now.

God please save them. I have lost too much already. “please sir let me stay here” i plead but he shakes his head. “cant you see we are having a hard time, now stop making it worse and leave.” i look to antonia’s mom
and she just sighs. Antonia’s
brother doesn’t even spare me a glance. I
shake my head solemnly and
walk to the farthest wall of the waiting
room from them. Mr Solomon still
eyes me but i cant leave antonia and
our babies right now. I pace around trying to calm my nerves. Its been hours since she
was taken in and we haven’t gotten
any news.

The nurse who came out of the O.R some minutes ago didn’t give
us any information. Its Another thirty minutes before i see the
doctor walk out. I rush over to
him together with antonia’s family. “doctor how are they?” Mr
Solomon asks. “the babies are fine but the
mother suffered a trauma to the
head. We were able to stop the internal
bleeding but she entered into a
coma some minutes ago. We cant do
anything now but pray and wait.

The rest depends on her will to live.”
doctor says. “can we see her doctor?”i ask “you cant for now but when she
is transferred to the ICU, you can
see her but not too many people at a
he says then walk away. Its an hour later before we are
allowed to see antonia. I don’t
want to anger Mr Solomon so i let them
go in alone. When i see them
leave, i go in. Antonia is lying there
hooked to so many machines and
the sight nearly cripples me. I walk to
her side and hold her hand. “i am so sorry for putting you through this, love. Please come
back to us. Your family is really devastated
and i cant seem to breathe without your presence. I love you so much, it hurts”
i sob into her hand. I hold her hand for hours
until a nurse tells me that i have to leave. I kiss antonia’s fore head
and her tummy before i leave.

The next morning, i am back at the
hospital before 5am. Antonia’s
parents come back by 8am and thankfully
Mrs Solomon helped me persuade
her husband to let me sit by antonia’s
side. Its been almost two months and
antonia is still comatose. Alot has happened though. I was able to
find my mother. I was able to get
her location from my father’s
documents. She didn’t recognise
me and her sickness had gotten worse. I
admitted her into a better
institution and she has gotten better. I took
over my father’s company and i
have been working from the hospital. I
was always here. Reading antonia
and our babies stories. Cleaning her
and talking to her. I was able to
get forgiveness from antonia’s family.

Antonia’s brother and are
buddies now. “so, antonia you have to wake up.

We all miss you”
i say while massaging her hands. “our babies need you” i place my hands on her tummy which has
gotten bigger and i feel movement. “oh my God antonia. Our babies
just moved!. Did you feel that?”
cry out. Antonia’s finger moves a little
as if to say yes i do and my heart soar. Her eyes blink open and she calls my name. My name! Antonia has been transferred out
of the ICU. She’s out of her coma now and her parents are here but
she’s currently sleeping. She
hasn’t regain complete control of all her
body parts but i am so happy that she is alive and back to me. When
she opened her eyes earlier, she didn’t talk to me. She just ignored
me. I stand by her bed with a big grin on my face. Antonia stirs
awake. “antonia, can you hear me?” i ask while clutching her hand in mine. “ofcourse i can, i am not deaf” she
says and retrieve her hands from
mine. Antonia gives me the silent
treatment for the one week she
stays in the hospital. She’s going to be
discharged today and she’s going
home with me. The doctor put her on
two more weeks of bed rest and i
am the only available one to monitor her
as her parents are going on a compulsory missionary trip. I am
going to make her love me again
in the two weeks that she is going to
live with me.
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