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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 26
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i was so excited this afternoon
when antonia called me to meet
her. I thought of it as my chance to
mend things with her. I had
rehearsed what i intend to say before my
mirror several times. I was both nervous and excited. Nervous
that i may not say the right things
and excited about seeing her again. I
was already on my way when i
got jane’s message. She had tried
calling me but i ignored the calls
until i saw the message. I was quick to
doubt her but something in me
seemed so uneasy so i diverted to my
dad’s office just to check on him.
When i got to the office, it was complete
chaos. There were police cars scattered in the premises and an
ambulance and that’s when i
knew something was awfully wrong
and Jane was telling the truth. The
sight of my father on a stretcher with
his head crushed is ingrained in
my memory. I still cant stop thinking
that i would have been able to
save him if i had answered have’s call
sooner. My father was never
loving or affectionate but he’s still the
man that gave birth to me and i cant let his death go unpunished.

I have to stop James before he
harms someone else that i love. I cant
even bear to think about antonia
and our baby hurt. I give the police my
statement and I’m asked to follow them to the station for my written
statement. Antonia must be angry
at me by now. I need to call her. I
dial her number but her line’s
busy. She must be on another call. The
detective comes to tell me that

they are leaving and i abandon the call
to get this over with. I have to finish this police business so i can
get to antonia. I have to keep her safe. At the police station, i
write my statement and hurry out.

I enter my car and dial antonia’s
number. She doesn’t pick up. I call her again and it rings for awhile
before she picks up. “hello, antonia. Are you okay?.you got me worried” “hello brother” my brother
speaks through the phone.

Shocked, i lose control of the steering wheel and step on the break. The car stops suddenly and i am launched
forward. My head hits the steering
but i don’t care. “what are you doing with antonia’s phone, you son of a
b---h! You better not hurt even a hair on her
head or I’ll kill you”
i say and i hear the b-----d laugh. “calm down. I can assure you, i didn’t harm her hair, i just
punched her a few times.” “you are going to pay for this James. Just wait till i find you. I’ll make sure you rot in prison!”
scream into the phone. “now listen you motherfu-Cker.

Enough of these empty threats. I’ll
give you half an hour to meet me at the
address i will send you.Come with that incriminating video and Make
sure you come alone or else I’ll break her pretty neck”
he says
and the line goes dead. No no no
no no! I scream and punch the steering
wheel multiple times. My knuckles
hurt but it doesn’t compare to the pain
m heart is feeling right now. I wipe my tear stained face and
reverse my car towards jane’s
house. I’ll do anything to make sure
antonia and my baby come out of
this safe. As soon as i get to the address, i
park my car and jump down. I see jane’s car also parked at the front
of the house. I pound on the door as soon as i get to it. The door flies
open and i see James. He is wearing only a trousers with his
belt unbuckled. My eyes flares and
i grab his neck. “what have you done?!” i scream
in his face and he laughs. He pulls
a gun out of his pocket and point it
at my temple. “get your hands off me” he grinds out and i do. “good. Now, move to that corner”
he says pointing to the dining section. I move slowly with my
hands out. I search the whole
room with my eyes and i see a girl of about
19 lying by the corner, weeping.
Her clothes are torn. I move to stand
close to her. “kneel!” James commands and i comply. “let the little girl go, James. This is between the both of us. Where is antonia? Please let them go”
James studies me for a while then
nod. “alright, I’ll let her go” he says
then points the gun at her. “no James. Don’t do it” i beg but
he releases the trigger. blood splatters on the wall and the girl’s convulses till the last breathe leave her. I turn my eyes away. “oops. That was a slip of the
he says and starts
laughing like a mad man. “okay now, to more important business. Where is the video?”he asks “where’s antonia” “she is just unconscious behind
that wall so i suggest you give me
the video before i put a hole in her
head” “here, take it”
i stretch my phone towards him and he snatches it
from my hands. I give him my
password and he successfully
deletes the video. “i have fulfilled my end of the bargain so let us leave. I won’t tell the police about this. Please” i beg “i still need something from your
he says and goes behind
the wall. He comes back with antonia.

He’s dragging her by her hair. Antonia sobs beside him. He pushes her toward me and i catch her. She sobs on my shoulder and i pat her back. James brings some
documents from the table and pushes it
towards antonia. “sign it” antonia pulls away from me and collect the papers and a pen. She goes to sign it but stops “i will sign this only if you let Steven go”. James squats beside antonia and pull her hair
backwards. I try to move his hand
away but he points the gun at her. “sorry baby, but Steven isn’t leaving here alive, so you better sign that before i decide to kill you
too” “i’m not signing”
antonia grinds out. “well then you give me no choice” “stop! She’ll sign it” i tell James,

then turn to antonia. “you have to sign this. For me.

I won’t be able to live with myself if you and the baby die because of
i say and antonia shakes her
head fervently as she sobs “i cant lose you Steven” she sobs
out then She hug me tight. “wow wow wow. So very touching. But this is a waste of
time. Now sign it”
James says. I watch as antonia signs all the documents with
shaky hands. “now, you die Steven”James points the gun at me and i close
my eyes. I hear gunshots but i don’t feel any
pain. I open my eyes to see James holding tessy. Police swarm the
place. “come any closer and I’ll
blow her brains out”
James says and
points the gun at antonia’s temple. His right hand is bloody. “hold your fire!”one of the gunned policemen orders. “good, now, i am going to walk out of this place and you won’t fire. Got it?” the police men nod and James grab antonia, using her as a body shield and he walks out of the room. I
run after them but a police man
hold me down. “stay still.”he whispers. I hear a car engine purr outside. We wait for some seconds before the
police man beside me yells. “go go go! Get the cars.Don’t let him get away” i rush outside with them. Antonia isn’t outside which means, he tot her with him. The b-----d! I follow one of the police
men into his car and we zoom off after them. I can see jane’s car in
front of us and it isn’t moving in a straight path. Its just moving
haphazardly. I watch in horror as
a tricycle suddenly drives in front of
them and the car loses control. It goes off the road with immense
speed and runs through a fence
by the side of the road then stops.

We park our car and i run towards
the wrecked car. “antonia!” i yell. I get to the car and try to open the passenger
door but its jammed. I look inside to
see antonia’s head bleeding. I
keep hitting the door as if it would
magically open. I am pried away
from the car by some police men. I
push them off me. I am so mad
right now. James better be dead or he will
die by my hands. The driver’s
door suddenly open and James comes
out. He is bloody. “Steven, i am sorry. it wasn’t me. It was them. The voices. They did it. Don’t worry I’ll get rid of them”
he rants like a mad man. “you are crazy! I am going to kill you today” i shout and rush at him. But before i get to where he is, he
shoots himself. I get to him in time to catch his body. “the voices a gone,now I can rest “he says while coughing out
blood and goes limp in my hands. His
eyes wide open.

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