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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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its been almost two hours and
there’s no sign of Steven.

Numerous times, i have stood up
to leave but couldn’t really do it. I
am really getting angry now and the only reason i am still waiting is
to give Steven a piece of my mind
for making me wait like this.

Another reason i am still here is i
want to see him. I miss him too
much. A waiter walks towards me just
like before.

“ma’am are you sure you don’t
want anything?”

“yea, thank you”

“okay ma”
he says and gives me a fake smile. I’m sure he wants me
out so a patronizing customer and
take my seat. My phone starts
ringing in my bag and i retrieve it
fast thinking that it must be
Steven. I look at my screen and see that its my brother. I sigh in disappointment and connect the call.

“hello, brother of mine”i say
“toni, i did it!”
he says excitedly.

“i am so giddy right now, it wasn’t easy and i have been trying for
almost a month , but then i said i
should try another method and
bam! It worked”
my brother
ramble o and i have no idea of
what he’s rambling about. “slow down, what worked?”

“i repaired the phone i collected
from you last month or so. The
one you wanted to throw away.

Oh by the way, there’s a message
for you in the phone and its important”
he says solemnly.

“there is?”
why would they be?.

Wait a minute! That phone could
be angelica’s. Am about to ask my

brother about the message but i
am interrupted by the same waiter. I roll my eyes.

“ma’am are you sur–”

“i’m sure okay? When i need you,
I’ll call for you. So go wait on
someone else. My companion isn’t
here yet”
i snap. “okay ma” he says but i don’t get
a smile this time. Atleast he won’t
be coming back anytime soon.

“so what’s the important
i ask but there’s no
reply on the other side of the line. “hello” i say and look at my
phone screen. The call has been
disconnected. Oh well, I’ll just ask
him about it when i get home.

What could be the important
message though?. I check my watch and see that i have already been waiting for
almost three hours. Ok, i cant do
this anymore. Atleast i made an
effort. I stand to leave and my
phone pings in my hand, signifying an incoming message. I
sit back down and click on the
message. Its from Cynthia. Please i need your help right now.

Come to my house. Please. What could she need help for?. I
have to go see her. I’ll deal with
Steven later. But for now, a friend
is in need. Cynthia and i haven’t
been in contact since the day i
visited her. Wow, i never even thought about her. Now that i
think about it, Steven has taken
up all my time this past weeks. I
pick my bag and rush out of the
restaurant. I board a taxi and give
him cynthia’s address. Twenty minutes later, i am at her doorstep
and i knock. The door opens on it
own and my danger alert rings.

Why would Cynthia leave her
door unlocked. Could she be in
trouble now?. I rush into her sitting room to find a guy sitting
on the couch.

“excuse me, who are you?”
i ask
which makes him turn to face me
fully and i gasp. Its Steven’s
brother. He smiles at me and i shudder.

“what are you doing here? Where
is Cynthia?”
i ask him while
moving back slowly. Something
isn’t right and i need to get out of
here. “oh Cynthia is probably in hell
right now”
he answers then stand
up and start walking towards me.

My heart is already beating so fast.

I can feel my legs shaking. I keep
walking back as he walks towards me slowly.

“what do you mean, she’s in
i keep talking

“i killed her”
he says and i gasp.

My legs almost give out under me
but i hold myself up. I cant fall now, i need to escape.

“honey, you should thank me.
She’s a lying friend. Did you know
he stop walking and studies

“she is?”i ask, still walking backwards.

“yea, just because of a guy, she
drugged her friend. That friend
being you. By the way, you are
one lucky girl. But i think luck cant
save you today” “please, just let me go. I won’t tell the police about Cynthia.”

“ofcourse you won’t, cause you
would be too dead to talk”
i feel
the door at my back and use my
right hand to find the handle without making it obvious.

“why are you doing this?”

“nothing much, i just need your
that stupid land again?. Wait
a minute! Is Steven a part of this
plan?. Was that why he didn’t show up today?. No, i don’t think
so. Even though i haven’t known
Steven for long, i am sure, he cant
plot such a thing. I hope I’m right.

“you can have my land. I don’t
need it. Just let me go” “i cant sweedy. I also need your fiance and you are going to be the bait”
my hand touches the handle
and i immediately twist it. The
door flies open and i dash out. I
run with all the strength in my body. I can hear the thud of his
feet behind me but i don’t look
back. I keep running in hope of
finding a taxi. I don’t see any taxi
and i can tell he’s already gaining
on me by the close sound of his feet. I see an uncompleted
building by a bend and i run in to
hide. My breathing is out of
control and i can feel a panic
attack coming. Please, God help
me. I pray silently. I hear footsteps close by and i close my mouth to
keep from screaming in fear.

“come out, come out little one”
hear him say. He must be close.

“i think i like this game of hide
and seek. Do you know, i never played it when i was a kid?.

My dad thinks, no thought its a game
for weak people. Well he isn’t here
now to reprimand me, because i
killed him. Just this afternoon”
says. This time his voice is closer. My check heave up and down.

He’s going to catch me if i remain
here. I look around but there’s no
way of out except the way i came
which is impossible because he
would see me. I have to defend myself. I pick a plank beside me and hold behind me

“you know i can see your feet
he says and i drag my feet
backwards.He doesn’t know, i am
armed so I have an advantage of surprise. He walks in front of me and grins. I raise the plank quickly and hit the side of his
head. Blood gush out but he
doesn’t seem fazed.

“sorry babe, but pain is just for the weak”
he says then punch my
stomach twice and I lose

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