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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Jane stand in front of the door
contemplating whether she
should go in or not. The police had come to
her house to inquire about James. She had told them that she knew
nothing of his whereabout. Few
minutes after that, James had called her to
meet him here. She wondered
why he wanted to meet her here which
wasn’t his house and why the
police were looking for him. She didn’t want
to come here but she thought she should atleast tell him goodbye in
person. She took in a deep
breathe then knocked on the door. When
there was no answer, she decided
to just go home. As she turn in her
heel to leave, the door click open. “Jane, thank God you made it. I
have missed you”
James says.

Jane and James had been a couple for
many years until James’

infatuation of winning his brother overcame his reasoning. James had planted
Jane in the hotel to gain steven’s love and
trust so that he would knscream ut steven’s every move. Jane had
started to fall in love with Steven but she was so scared of James,
she couldn’t stop going back to
him. “come in, baby” James says and open the door wider. All of jane’s danger alarms were blaring for
her not to go in but she knew that
now she was already here, leaving
would only make James angry
and when James gets angry, he hurts himself
and people. She takes in a deep breathe then walk into the house.

As soon as she enters the house,
she gasps. Scattered everywhere on
the floor were needles, empty

bottles of whiskey and cigarettes. She
looks to James and that’s when
she notice his glazed eyes. James
walks towards her and it takes everything in her not to run away. “I’ve missed you Jane, have you missed me?” he asks while caressing her face. When she doesn’t reply,
his eyes blazes with anger and his hands go to her neck. “i asked you a question!” he scream in her face and wrap his
hand around her neck. Jane knew that
she had to leave now. “i h–ave t-o go James.” she
stammers and James’ face twist in
anger. His hand on her neck tightens and
Jane start to choke. “say you miss me” James instructs “i-mish kwou” she chokes out.

James’ eyes bulge and he releases
her neck. Jane falls to the floor
coughing. “oh my God baby, are you ok?

That wasn’t me, it was them.”
says and kneels beside her. Jane flinches
when he raises his hand to touch
her cheek. She drag her oxygen
depleted body away from him
and James’ hands fall. James points at his
reflection in the mirror. “its his fault Jane. You know I’ll
never hurt you”
Jane look to the mirror and then at James and he
burst out in tears. Why haven’t
she ever noticed this madness in
James? She wondered. James
hears her cry and he kneels beside her. “don’t cry baby, I’ll make
everything go away”
he grabs the
nearest bottle and smashes it on the floor.
Jane moves back. “no baby, its not for you. It for him” he says and starts using the broken pieces to cut himself. “don’t worry, I’ll get rid of him so
you can love me again”
mumbles. “stop!” Jane scream”what has gotten into you?” she sobs. James looks at her with
unfocused eyes. He looks at his
body arms and throws the broken
bottle away. “i don’t know. I don’t know. I cant stop Jane. I cant.”he sobs
then stop. “this is their fault”he says “their you James” Jane reasons. “no, i meant Steven and my dad.

They made me this way. My dad
pushed me to it. He must pay”
he says and stands up. He picks his long
sleeve shirt from the arm of the only
chair in the room and put it on
without flinching in pain. “where are you going?” “i just have to speak with my
he says and hurry out of
the house. Jane’s rushes after him to
see him enter her car and drive
off. Jane goes back inside the house
to pick her bag. She sees her car
keys inside and wonders how he’s
driving it. Her body is shaking
violently and her bag falls off her hand. She
sit on the floor and search her bag for her phone. She finally
finds it. She dials steven’s number
but he doesn’t pick up. She keep on
calling and when he still doesn’t answer, she text him. James is going crazy. He is headed
to your father’s office. You have to stop him. P.S. This is not for
attention. Its true. ************************

I feel numb. Its been almost a
week and i still cant stop thinking about Steven. Everything reminds
me of him. Even my morning
sickness reminds of our time at his suite
before we went to Paris.

Yesterday, my mom had sent me to the
market to get me out of the
house. I had agreed to go and i was fine until a
young boy hawking garden egg
asked me if i wanted to buy some. I just
burst out in tears right in the middle of the market.

The poor boy almost got beaten before i explained to people that he didn’t
hurt me. Pregnancy hormones
makes it worse. “antonia, why don’t you meet him once?. You should hear from him first before you judge”my mother says beside me. She has been trying to
get me to meet Steven for a week
now. “i cant see him mom, it still hurts” “antonia, just meet him. It would
give you closure. Also, if you don’t meet him atleast once, you may
look back later in life and wonder
what would have happened if you met
him. You say you love him but
isn’t love trust?” “he betrayed that trust mom” “yes, i know but i still think you
should meet him and listen to his reasons. You have to take a leap
and trust him for your babies and
for yourself”
my mom does have a
point but i don’t trust myself with
him. If i meet him, i know i won’t be
able to walk away again. He could still be using me. Nevertheless, i
have to meet him to see if i can savour our relationship so my
children wouldn’t live without a
father. “okay, mom. I’ll do it. Atleast for
my children” “good girl”
my mom says and smile at me. I dial steven’s number and i can hear the happiness in his voice when i agree to meet him. Fifty minutes later, i am still at the
restaurant we are supposed to meet and Steven is no where to be

Happy Weekend, Guys

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