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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“come on antonia. Listen to me!.

Please!” i yell as she walks inside
her house leaving her things
scattered on the floor. Something
among her things gets my attention and i pick it up. Its a
pamphlet on a chef internship
programme in Paris. Wait a
minute! According to antonia’s
mother, antonia had always
wanted to be a chef and this would be a great breakthrough
for her. Oh no! If she goes to Paris,
we will not be able to be together.
What do i do?. This is a big
opportunity for her but i cant let
go. What about our baby?. I have to talk to her. I make to follow
antonia inside the house but her
mother block my path.

“young man, you need to lea–”

her mother says but i cut her off.

“i cant leave ma. Cant you see i am going crazy because of your
daughter? I just need a chance to
explain myself. Can you please
beg her to meet me?. She cant go
to France.”
i plead.

“why would i do that after what you did to her?. I cant believe i
welcomed you into our home just
for you to hurt my daughter.”

“am sorry ma. Please tell her i am
sorry and i love her and our
i sob and antonia’s mother rub my shoulders awkwardly.

“come on, lets talk somewhere
else so you can explain yourself
to me. Maybe i can help you. You
look hungry so let’s talk at a
restaurant so you can eat”
i nod my head then walk behind her. I
really am hungry. I cant even
remember the last time i ate

something. After antonia left me at
the airport yesterday, i rushed
back to the hotel to retrieve our things. In twenty minutes, i was
done and back at the airport
where i waited frustrated for
hours. I didn’t eat anything on the
plane and as soon as my plane
touched down, i boarded a taxi to antonia’s house. She wasn’t here
when i got here but her brother
and father were present.

Antonia’s brother who seemed
animated with me the last time we
met was furious when he saw me. He even punched me and for a
teenager, he packs a mean punch.

I had begged him to tell me where
i could find antonia but he
wouldn’t bulge. I had to stand by
the corridor screaming for antonia to talk to me before antonia’s
father told me she went to the
hospital. My mind had immediately
gone to our baby. I prayed that
they were both alright. That was
how antonia came to find me there. We get to the restaurant and even though i tell antonia’s mother that i wasn’t hungry, she
ordered alot of food. I look at all
the food on the table and my eyes
water. I blink my eyes rapidly to stop the tears. Why am i so close
to tears nowadays? Antonia is the
pregnant one but it seems i have
caught her emotional sickness. I
look at all the food before me and
wonder what why a woman would still offer food to someone
who hurt her daughter. No
wonder antonia is so nice. Her
mother is amazing. I devour all
the food on the table in minutes
then i explain myself to antonia’s mother. I tell her about
everything. my previous plan of
stealing their land and my change
of heart when i got to know
antonia better and fall in love with
her. “beliway. me ma’am, if i knew
who antonia really is, i wouldn’t
have planned it.I love her and our
antonia’s mother places her
hand on mine and sq££ze it.

“i believe you.You shouldnt have plotted something like that in the
first place.Nobody deserve to be
deceived and duped no matter
how they live their lives.I’ll prefer
if you give her space to think but
if you insist, I’ll find a way to get her to meet you. I hope you can
convince her because i can see
that you really love my girl.I have
to go now.”
she says and stand
up. I stand up with her.

“one more thing. If you hurt my baby again, I’ll cut off your egg-
she blushes at her words
and for a second she remind me
of antonia. My sweet antonia.

Antonia’s mom hugs me then we
bid each other goodbye. Talking with her has lifted my
spirit a bit. I feel that there is still
hope for me. I just have to prove
to antonia that i love her. I need to
prepare for our next meeting.

That may be my only chance to explain to her.
I board a taxi to my suite to catch
some sleep before i face my
father. I have to make everything
right. Once i get to my suite, i plug
my phone to charge it. It has been off for a day now. I switch it on to
check for any messages and that’s
when i see a video message from
an unknown number. I click on it
and my brother’s face appear on
my screen. I watch the video and listen to my brother talk about
killing kacy and his pregnant wife.

He also threatens to kill antonia
after he gets her land. I cant
believe it! Kacy must be antonia’s
dead fiance. So my brother is responsible for all this. I have to
stop him before he hurts antonia.

This video would serve as
evidence against him in court.

Who could have sent me the
video?. I dial the police and inform the of my brother’s involvement in
the death of two people. I am
asked to come to the police
station for my statement. I
abandon all thoughts of sleep and
head out to the police station. At the police station, i give my
statement and they assure me that
they would find my brother. I
hope they do. ************************

The voices in James’ head was
getting louder.

‘we are going to get caught by the

‘daddy would be so disappointed at us’

‘we couldn’t even beat your
b-----d brother’
the voices keep
repeating. The doctors promised
James that if he took his pills
religiously, the voices would all go away, so why are they back? He

James walk to the bottle of
whiskey on the table and grab it.
He tosses the cover on the floor
and drains the bottle into his throat. Some of the contents fall
on the floor but he doesn’t even
notice.His eyes meet his reflection
in the mirror and he throws his
bottle at it.

“stop following me!.I wouldn’t get caught.I have to win Steven.”
hands start shaking and he brings
a paper containing a white
substance from his pocket. He
lines some on the back of his palm
and inhale it.His eyes go foggy and he slumps on the bed with
thoughts of making his father pay
for making him this way

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