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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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I hold myself from running back
into steven’s arms and walk away
on unsteady legs. I finally locate
my seat and as soon as I’m sitting,
i cover my face with my hands and cry. I don’t even remember to
be nervous during take-off. I just

“are you okay, miss?”
i hear a
voice beside me and i turn to see a
French man sitting beside me looking uncomfortable.

“I’m fine sir”
i say and the smell of
something great hits my nostrils. I
sniff the air to find the source of
the smell.

“what’s that smell?”
i ask the Frenchman and notice the plate
he’s carrying.

“its lasagna. You want some?”

“umm no thanks.”
i shake my
head and my stomach growls as if
to call me out for my lies. The Frenchman smiles then calls a
stewardess to get me a plate of
the lasagna. Few minutes later, I’m
stuffing myself with the lasagna.

“oh my God, its so good. What’s it
made of?”
i ask the Frenchman. He goes to answer but i raise my
hand for him to stop.

“wait don’t tell me. Hmm. I taste
noodles, parsley, nut-meg and
maybe cheese?”

“wow, you knew that just from eating it?”

“i have a sixth sense when it
comes to food and i love cooking”

i say smiling

“well, you are good. You should
harness this talent.”
he brings a pamphlet from his suit pocket and
hand it to me.

“I’m actually going to lagos to
recruit chefs for the catering

programme I’m organising. It’ll
take a year and half, then you’ll become a professional chef. Its in

wow. Is this the new beginning i
need?. I have always wanted to
be a chef. This is a big
opportunity. And I’ll be far away from Steven if i take the offer. I
take the pamphlet.

“I’ll think about it sir. Thanks for
the offer.”

“alright sugar. Just make sure to
get in touch with me before the end of two weeks. My number is
on that pamphlet”
he says and i

The rest of the flight is quiet as the
French man makes multiple video
calls and i doze off with thoughts of my parents. Would they receive
me if i go home?. I send a silent
prayer to God that everything
would be alright. ************************ i get to warri the next morning
and i drag my jet-lagged body out
of the plane. I probably look like a
walking zombie right now, with
my swollen eyes but i don’t care. I
don’t have any luggage so i walk straight and board a taxi home.

Its fairly early so i don’t see
anybody in my compound after i
am dropped off. I knock on our
gate and wait with bated breathe.

Thankfully, my brother is the one who comes to open the gate.

“sister toni!”
he screams and i
wince. He cant just be quiet for
once. I enter into the house and
see my parents rushing out of
their room. My mom gets to me first.

“oh lord thank you for bringing
her back, safely”
she says looking
me all over.

“where have you been? You got
us all worried”
my dad asks immediately my mom is done fawning over me.

“toni, why do you look like
you’ve been crying?”
my brother
chips in. I look at their worried
face and my lips tremble. I burst out in tears and my mother hugs
“oh my baby”
she pats my baby”i-
i’m pregnant mom”
i sputter out
and i feel my Mom’s body stiffen.

my father yells and i wince again. All this shouting is
giving me an headache.

“is that why you wanted to get
married quickly?. Who’s the
father? Please tell me its not kacy”

my mother rambles. “am sorry mom. Am sorry for leaving. Am sorry for not listening
to you and jumping into another
engagement. Everything is just so
complicated right now and worst
of all, am not sure if I’m still pregnant”

“i don’t understand. What do you
mean by ‘you’re not sure if you’re
still pregnant’?”
my mom moves
back and look at my stomach.

“i had an accident in Paris and there was blood coming from my
crotch. I don’t really know
anything for sure”

“an accident? Oh my God. What
were you doing in Paris?”
brother asks “we were supposed to get
married there”.

my dad inquires

“not anymore. Dad, mom, I’ll
explain everything to you later
but right now, what i need is sleep”

“yes yes. Go and sleep my child.
But once you wake up, we’ll go to
the hospital for an ultra sound”

my mom says and walk me to my
room. I look back at my father and he looks so worried. My
brother just stare blankly. ************************ At the hospital
My mom holds my hand as the
doctor raises my shirt and apply
some cool liquid on it. He places
the weird looking device on my
stomach and a blurry image fill the monitor screen beside me. The
doctor smiles and touches
something on the monitor and a
weird noise fill the room. My heart
beat speeds up as i hear the
sound. “that’s your babies’ heart beat”
the doctor says smiling down at

“so, everything is okay?”
i ask
“yes, they seem to be doing well”

my mom sq££zes my hand and gives me a big smile.

“wait! Babies?. They?”

“yes, you’re having twins”

my mom exclaims

“are you sure doctor?”
i ask. My
brain is having a hard time processing this. How did i go from
having one baby to none then to

“I’m sure. By the looks of it, you’re
about 6 weeks gone and i can see
two heartbeats.”
the doctor explains. I lie there as tears of
happiness falls down my cheeks. I
hear my mom thank the doctor
and he leaves.

“are you ok?”
my mom asks me
and i give her the biggest smile ever.

“i am more than okay mom. I am
so happy”
i squeal.

“i am too. Twins! Wow.”
my mom
sq££zes my hand again and
smile at me. “we’ll help you through this baby
I know they will. Before
coming to the hospital, i told my
parents everything. From the day i
was drugged to this morning.

They were outraged that i kept them in the dark all this while but
they consoled me. I am so lucky
to have such a supportive family.

We leave the hospital after
collecting the ultra sound pictures
and i cant wipe the grin off my face. We board a taxi and my
smile is wiped off my face as soon
as i alight. Steven is standing in
front of me looking like he hasn’t
slept for days. I brace myself and
walk straight pass him. He tries to block my path but i bypass him
but my bag clash with him and its
content spill everywhere. I
abandon my bag and flee into the
house. Steven goes to follow me
but I hear my mom stop him. Thank goodness.

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