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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I cant believe this. No wonder he
was in an hurry to get married. Or
was i the one in a hurry?. Stupid,
stupid me!. My body shakes with a
violent sob. I really am naive. I could i have trusted someone i
met few weeks ago when Steven
whom i dated for years was able
to betray me. I cant believe a day
so amazing could turn out like
this. Thoughts of our time together flash through my mind
and i wail in agony. Letting go of
Steven is like peeling off my flesh.

He is forever stuck on me. The
thought of leaving him makes my
breathe seize but i know i have to. Being with him
would just cause me more pain
and i don’t want my baby to be
with a callous man that would use
a woman for selfish reasons. I
have to get out of here before Steven comes back. I cant face
him right now. I stand up frantic
and a wave of nausea hits me and
i dash to the toilet and empty my
stomach. I lie on the toilet floor
and cry my heart out. I have to stop crying and get going before
Steven comes back. I wipe my
tears then rush back to my room.

I pick my bag and flee the
hospital. I have to get to the
airport. Twenty minutes later, i am at the
airport. After moving my flight to
the next flight, i sit down and
think about a way forward. What
am i going to do?. Steven will
surely try to convince me that he loves me but i cant believe him
because anything he says now
would just sound like a scheme to
get my land. Tears start falling off
my eyes and i do nothing to stop

them. My hand goes to my stomach and i sigh. I am not even
sure if i am still pregnant. Its less
than 10minutes for my flight to
start boarding and i still cant
move. Its like my body wants to
go back to Steven and beg him to convince me to stay. Another
wave of nausea hits me and i run
to the airport toilet. ************************

I rush into antonia room after
purchasing the bottled water from
a mall, outside the hospital. There
was an accident on the road
which caused slow traffic movement. As soon as i got to the
hospital, i parked my car and
rushed in. I don’t want to leave
antonia alone. I can only wonder
the kind of pain she is in right
now. I just found out about our baby but it still hurts so much.

When i open the door, i don’t see
antonia on the bed. I knock on
the toilet door and when there is
no answer, i panic. I open the
door and find it empty. Ok, now i am worried. Where could she
have gone in her condition?. I
hope she isn’t trying to do
something to herself. I stand in
the middle of the room thinking of
where to start searching for antonia when i notice my phone
on the bed. I pick it up and when i
click it on, i see my father’s text
open. Oh no! No no no no!
Antonia must have seen the text.

What do i do now?. D--n my father. Why did he have to insult
her onto of everything. My mind is
not processing all this well. I
breathe in and out slowly to calm
my nerve so i can think of my
next course of action. Okay, where would should be?. The
hotel? No she’ll probably be trying
to run away from me. That means
the airport!. Yes, the airport. I
should be able to catch up with
her if i hurry. I jump in my car and zoom off to the airport. As soon as
i get there, i park my car
haphazardly probably blocking
other people from leaving but i
don’t care. I rush into the airport
and look around. How do i find her now?. Charles de Gaulle is the
second most busiest airport in the
world. Its so full with people.

Where should i start? She would
probably be at the boarding area
for people going to Nigeria. I rush there and i look around. No
antonia. I walk around the area
bumping into people without
even apologizing. I am getting

i scream attracting people’s attention. They probably
think i am a crazy black man but i
don’t care. I know calling out her
name wouldn’t help but i am
getting frustrated. I sit on the
airport floor and cry. We have only just started and i cant believe
she’s leaving me. An airport
security walks to me.

“sir, are you okay?. Do you need
i get off the floor.

“did you by chance see a beautiful black woman in a blue summer
dress with flowers on it?. If no
then you cant help me”
i say and
start to walk away but then i stop
when he touches my shoulder.

“isn’t that the lady you are talking about?”
he says pointing towards
the airport restroom. I look and
behold its antonia. She looks so
pale. She’s walking towards the
line of people waiting to board
the plane. She doesn’t see me as her back is turned towards me. I
rush to her and grab her waist
from behind. She stops and burst
out crying. She must have
perceived my presence. We are so
in tune with each other, we know when we are close.

i say and breathe out a
sigh of relief. She rest on my chest
for a second before she tries to
free herself from my hold.

“get off me!”
she screams “antonia listen to me. You have to
let me explain”
i say holding her

“did you plan to take my land
from me?”
she asks without
turning to look at me. “yes, but–”

“that’s all i want to know”
says and finally free herself from
my grasp. I grab her hand and
swirl her to face me then grab her
hips. Her eyes moves from my eyes to my lips and i cant stop
myself. I kiss her right in front of
everybody. She relax her body
and wrap her hands around my
neck. Maybe there’s still hope. I
move my hands from her hips to her face and she freezes. She
pushes me away from her and
slap me.

“goodbye Steven”
she says and
starts walking away.

“no! Baby please don’t leave me” i cry and try to follow her but i am
stopped at the gate.

“you cant go in there without
your pass-port and ticket sir”
“please, I-

“sir please leave before i call security”.
I stand there and watch
antonia walk away.


James stops his car after checking
his rear view mirror to make sure
he had out-ran the police.

“you b---h!. What have you done”

he screams and points a gun at cynthia’s temple.

“you have to stop now James.”

“i cant”
he says and fires the gun.

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