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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Cynthia sits beside James in the
car and ponder her situation. Her
mind goes back to how she met
James. She had just finished her
exams that fateful afternoon when a thief snatched her bag.
She yelled for help and thats
when she saw him for the first
time. James saved her bag that
day and she fell in love with him
instantly. Now that she think about it, everything concerning
that day they met could be staged.
For the many years that they have
been dating, James only wanted
two things from her: sex and
. She has been so blinded by her infatuation that
she betrayed her friends. Kacy
and his wife even died because of
this. She was the one who got
kacy involved in James plan and
now his death is on her conscience. Now, James is going
after her bestfriend’s life. She is
the only one who can stop him
and she is determined to.

They arrived in Paris the previous
morning and had booked a room at the same hotel as antonia and
Steven. They have been following
them since this morning. Cynthia
knew what would happen if
antonia marries Steven so she
called her this morning, when James was in the bathroom. She
was not able to say much before
he came back out. Seeing as
antonia was still with Steven, it
shows that they didn’t take her
warning seriously. Cynthia brings her phone out and secretly dial
the police.

“so, you are going to kill her at
the wall of love?”
she asks James
trying to alert the police of their

whereabouts without his knowledge. She disconnect the
call, praying that the police
understood her message then she
turned on her phone recorder.

“so James how do you intend to
get her land if you kill her?”
Cynthia asks
“i won’t kill her until she Signs off
her land to me.”

“do you think killing kacy and his
pregnant wife was necessary?”

“yes!. The b---h was going to tell antonia about my plans so i killed
her and kacy”
James says and
Cynthia press send. ************************

We kiss for what feels like hours. I
am so overwhelmed with joy, i am

“i love you so much Steven”

“i know you do”
he says then grin at me and i laugh.

“you look so beautiful when you
Steven says then peck my
lips and i sigh contentedly.

“i know. Am so beautiful, you cant
resist me” “wow, arrogant much?”

“its not arrogance. Its the obvious
i grin at Steven.

“okay, miss beautiful, are you
ready to get married to me?”

“i thought you’ll never ask. Come on let go. Our wedding awaits”
grab steven’s hand and we walk
to the car.

My phone pings in my hand and i
see another text from the number
that sent me a text earlier. I enter into the car then click on the
message. I warned you. What are these messages about?
Is this a prank? I look to Steven.

He is currently grinning while
driving. I need to tell him about

my voice is cut off when the car jerks forward and i almost
fall off my seat.

“who the hell is that?”
Steven says
and we look behind. A car is
currently bumper to bumper with
us. Steven drives to the corner and give way for the car to pass
but it moves with us to the right
and we are bumper to bumper
again. Steven motions with his
hand for the car to pass but it just
hit us again and this time is harder than the last and i scream. Steven
steady the steering wheel then
look at me with concerned eyes
“are you okay?”
he asks and i

“Steven, i think we are in danger. A number has been sending me
warning message to not get
married to you”
i say and start

“what?!. Why didn’t you tell about
it?” “i thought it was just a pr–“
i am
cut off again as the car is launched
forward. This time the steering
goes out of control. The car divert
off the road and speeds towards a
broken car at the side of the road. Steven step on the brake and
thankfully, our car barely hits the
broken car. As soon as the car
stops, Steven jumps down and
lets me out. I hear siren and i turn
to see about three police cars chasing the car that hit us.

“are you okay?”
steven asks and i

“you are bleeding!”
i scream and
Steven touch his forehead and see
blood. “i’m okay. It doesn’t hurt
Steven assures me.

An ambulance arrives and i
motion for them to help Steven.
Steven is taken to the back of the
ambulance where a band-aid is applied to his wound. Thankfully,
it isn’t a serious injury so no stitch
was required. Some uniformed
police men asks us for our
statement. Steven is currently
explaining our ordeal and i stand in front of him lost in thoughts of
how we just escaped death. I feel
steven’s eyes on me so i look up
to him. His eyes are glued to my

“baby, you are hurt”
he says and walks to me.

“no, i am fine” i assure him.

“no, baby there’s blood on your
legs. You must have hurt your
thighs. Did you hit it on
he asks “no, i don’t feel any pain” i raise
my gown upwards a bit to inspect
the source of the blood but i see
nothing. I keep raising my gown
up and my heart stops as i realise
the blood is coming from my crotch.

“the baby!”Steven and i yell at the
same time. Steven scoops me up
and carries me into the
ambulance. The ambulance starts
moving immediately i am put on the stretcher. Steven holds my
hands through out our journey to
the hospital. He keeps mumbling
that our baby would be alright
while crying. I don’t cry though,
my tears just won’t fall. This is a disaster. I silently pray to the
heavens that my baby be safe.

When we get to the hospital, i am
quickly transferred to a room.
Steven is with me holding my
hands all the way. The doctor and nurses carry out various tests on
me and we are asked to wait for
the test results. Steven paces
around the room with his phone
in his ear. Who is he trying to call?.

His pacing is making me dizzy though
“Steven calm down”

“i cant seem to calm down love,
our baby–. No, i cant lose another
family member”
he says and
continue pacing.

I have to distract him from his worrying.

“i’m thirsty. Please go buy me
some water.”
Steven drops his
phone with me and goes without
arguing. A message comes in and
i click it. Weldone son, now that you have
deceived this naive girl into
marriage, I expect her land to be
in my name in three days. Oh no! I can’t believe I fell for
another Kacy. Well never again

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