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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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This is it! I am getting married
today. Ok not really getting
married but today’s very important to me.
Today, i profess my love to
antonia. I’ll also tell her about my previous
scheme to own her land. I want to remove all the fake between us
and make everything real. I can
feel it in my guts that she feels
something for me but i am so
d--n nervous about how she’ll feel if she know
about my scheme. I am afraid,
she’ll leave me but i cant continue lying
to her. I’ll fight for her till my last breathe. I also suspect that
she’s pregnant. After last night’s fiasco, i cant continue denying it.

Antonia woke me by 1:00am this morning crying for ice-cream. I
tried to persuade her to wait till
the sun rose but she just cried more. I
had to drag my jet-lagged body
off the bed and take her out to look
for ice-cream. It had turned into a date. After buying ice-cream from
24-hours mall, we walked hand in hand to the eifel tower and
boarded the elevator which took
us to the top floor. The view up there was
so breathtaking. I saw antonia’s
eyes twinkling in wonder and i was so
d--n proud to have been the one
that made her that happy. I still
remember how she felt resting on
my chest with my arms caressing her
stomach. I hope my suspicions
are correct and antonia married me because
she is pregnant with our child.

This would make me so happy. I can
already imagine how handsome
or pretty our child would be. I hope He/she
takes after their mother. We’re supposed to be at the

church i rented for the afternoon
in about three hours. Antonia is still
sleeping and i don’t wake her up. My phone pings and i sigh. I
know it’s surely my father. He has
been Congratulating me for supposedly
doing the right thing by marrying antonia so i can get the land for
him. He sent me five texts yesterday, all of them
commending me for being like
him. He has no idea that i intend to protect the
land from him. The phone pings
again and i reluctantly pick it up. Just
like i thought, there’s a text from my dad but there’s also a text
from my private investigator. I
click on the message. According to my research, Eight
years ago antonia was in a coma
for months after she was hit by a
truck while trying to save a
woman of about 40 years. I have emailed
the records to you. My heart leap as i read the
message over and over again. I
knew it! Yes! Yes! Yes!. I am so excited
right now. I don’t think i can wait till this afternoon for the wedding,
to profess my feelings. I feel like my heart is going to burst out
with excess excitement and love for antonia. I have to do it now!.I
jump into the bathroom for a shower and i even whistle while
showering. After i finish getting ready, i tap antonia and
thankfully, she wakes up. “why are you dressed so early?”
she asks then yawn and i grin at
her. “i have to show you something.
Come on, go get ready” “what about the wedding?” “we will be back in an hour
i say and when she takes
alot of time to stand up, i pick her off the bed
and carry her on my shoulders carefully to avoid hurting our
baby. Just incase. She squeals out
of surprise and her hands land on
my a-s. “what do you think you’re
i ask her as i start walking
to the bathroom. “I’m holding on to you, so i won’t
she answers giggling. “you just love my a-s, don’t you?” “i cant help it” she punctuates this
with a sq££ze of my a-s and i laugh so hard. I so want this for
the rest of my life. ************************

“where are we going?” i ask
Steven for the seventh time since
we left the hotel. We have been driving
for awhile. “be patient, we will be there
he says then take my hand
in his and place it on his lap as he
drives. These past few days have
been the best days of my life. I think
Steven cares about me now and i
hope he accepts our baby when i tell
him about it today. I snap out of
my thoughts when i feel Steven kiss
my knuckles. He seems so
excited. I wonder why. I hope its because
of our wedding and i hope that
my suspicion is right that he has fallen
for me. I hope today goes well,for me and my child’s sake.

My hand goes to my stomach at
this thought and i caress it. “antonia” Steven says and i turn
to face him. “are you okay? Or is there
something you have to tell
he says and his eyes momentarily goes to my stomach.

My eyes bulge. Does he
know? Well, this is my opportunity. I have
to tell him now. I clear my throat and turn my body to face
him. “Steven, i am um” “you’re what?” “um I’m–” my phone rings in my hand, interrupting me. “hello” i say as i answer. “you can’t get married to Steven.”

the voice says and the line goes dead. I frown at my phone. The
voice was muffled like something, probably a cloth was used to
disguise the voice but it seems like
a woman’s voice. “are you okay?” Steven asks “yes, i am” “good, because we are here” he
says and jumps out of the car
excitedly to open the door for me. I slip out
of the car and my eyes crinkle at the sight before me. “what’s this?” i ask as i walk
towards the wall in front of me, covered with writings in different
languages. “this is the wall of love. You see
this writings, they all mean i love you in different languages”
says and i swallow forcefully.

Where is he going with this?. Steven moves
closer to me until his chest is pressed to my back, his hands on
my stomach. “there was this girl i met eight
years ago at a hospital, we
bonded for just the few minutes we talked.
I even gave her my bracelet for luck and for years i couldn’t stop
thinking about this girl. Few
weeks ago, i met this girl and she makes
my heart leap. She makes me
smiles and i want her to be mine forever.
You see these red dots scattered across this wall, it signifies my
broken heart and i hope you can
put them back together”
my eyes
cloud with tears as he speaks.

Could this be true?. Is he the little boy i have
been crushing on for years?. Wow! I cant believe, i am in love
with the adult version of my
teenage crush. I look at him and whisper
his name. “Steven”He smiles at me and I on his knees. “I love you so much antonia. And
i’ll say it in as much languages that I can. Te amo,saranghae, to amo,
se agapo,mahal kita, and since we
are in Paris,je t’aime”
I start crying and
he kisses my stomach. “I love our baby too” he says and
I gasp. “You knew?” “I suspected and you just
confirmed it love.”
I drag him to
his feet and kiss his breathe away. Is this their happily ever after?

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