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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 7
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Moremi almost choked on her drink. She had totally forgotten her promise to help Phillip get back the stolen items from Mr. Barf.
‘No…’ she licked the wine that had spilled on her lips.

‘No?’ Phillip arched a brow.
‘I haven’t forgotten. It is not as simple as I thought. Can you give me two weeks tops?’ She had to find Usman and put pressure on him.

Phillip scoffed and quickly dropped his glass, ‘I don’t have two weeks Moremi. Why can’t I report this matter to the Police? What are you so afraid of?’

She knew Usman had sent those men to attack the German, she couldn’t let Phillip bring in the Police. If the men were traced to Usman, ultimately, her name would be smeared in the scandal.

‘I told you before, if you bring in the Police, you bring in the media. They will hinder this project and that is not good. The Police carry with them negative attention, and that is the last thing we need for this project.’ She smiled, hoping she had finally dissuaded him.

Phillip relaxed, he would ask Mr. Barf to be more patient with him.
‘When are you starting work on the site?’ Moremi asked.

‘I don’t know, it depends on when Mr. Barf’s belongings are found and returned.’ Phillip replied.

‘How about the rent we discussed?’ She asked.
‘It still holds, half a million and nothing more,’ he replied, he had made up his mind.
She liked that, he was eating right out of her palms and that gave her the assurance that all what she had planned with Usman was going to work out.

‘But, some people are not comfortable with it.’ Phillip knew Chalya was not happy about the new rent.

‘Like?’ Moremi waited for names.
‘Chalya, and I guess my dad. Remember you also mentioned a tenant that was quite stubborn…’ he caressed his jaw.

‘Yes, one Mallam Hassan. A lot of tenants respect him, and if he turns against us, this project may be affected. Concerning your younger sister and your dad, I think you should ignore them.

These people do not understand that you need to be ruthless as a business man. You need to take tough decisions without looking at the faces of people, how do they think large companies expand?’

Phillip was really pleased with her words, Moremi was a smart lady and they shared similar thoughts.

‘Finally, I get someone who understands where I am coming from.’ He smiled.
‘Yes, these tenants have lived in those buildings for year, maybe it is time for them to move out.’ A mischievous smile played on her lips, it was time for her to try her luck with Phillip.

‘You know what I am thinking?’ He had an idea that would make things better for the tenants after their eviction.

‘What?’ She pulled her leg out of the yellow pumps that she wore, letting the shoes drop on the ground.

‘We could compensate them with a little sum of money, to help them find new houses.’ Phillip suggested.

‘No.’ Moremi quickly shook her head. He had not expected her to disagree with him, but since she was hi lawyer, she knew best.

‘If you do that, they will think you are guilty for sending them out. You just go there, do your thing and come back home.’ She winked.

He nodded, ‘What do we do about the old man who could turn the other tenants against us?’ Phillip asked.

She rolled her eyes and leaned against the table, in a way that her boobs almost popped out of her dress.

‘Too much work makes Phil a dull boy, why don’t we talk some other time?’ She pouted her lips seductively.

Phillip knew exactly what he saw in Moremi’s eyes, it was unbridled lust.
‘I don’t like this Moremi, I already told you the nature of your relationship besides…’ he bit his lip, he wanted to tell her about Indigo, the woman he had fallen in love with. But that would be too soon.

‘Besides what…’ Her heart skipped, it seemed Chalya had been telling the truth.
Moremi quickly rose to her feet and moved closer to him.

‘Do you have a girlfriend Phillip? If you do, you could tell me, I won’t be mad.’

He drew in a deep breath, ‘I don’t.’ Indigo had not yet accepted him, so it would be wrong to call her his girlfriend.

She felt relieved on hearing that, ‘So why then don’t you want to be with me?’ Moremi ran her soft hands against a side of his face, running through the strands of little hairs that sprouted there.

‘I can’t do this…’ he pushed his hand away, but she quickly returned it.

‘Yes, you can. I assure you that our work relationship would not be affected.’ She ran her free hand over his chest, before allowing it to travel downwards to the place where she felt his staff.

She was thrilled to feel his hardness, she was excited to know that she could still affect him that way.
‘Stop…’ Phillip felt guilty and ashamed. It was as if he was betraying his Indigo and he couldn’t let that happen.

Moremi released him at once, and watched as he walked towards the door.

‘You have to leave…’ he grabbed the door knob.

‘No, I am not leaving.’ She stood arms akimbo.

When he took a closer look at the door, he realized that she had locked it. Phillip felt trapped and helpless. His body was reacting in a way he couldn’t control, but his mind was elsewhere.

‘There’s something I want to tell you.’ Moremi unzipped her black dress and let it slip from her shoulders, revealing her large boobs which were clasped by a lacy yellow bra.

‘What?’ His voice was husky and low.

‘I am not wearing [email protected]’ She replied.

After taking her notes, she had met with an old man who shared a resemblance with Phillip, so she guessed that was his father. Indigo had carefully explained to the man that the only thing that needed changing in the house was the wall paint.

‘What makes you think so?’ Mr. Hajjo asked the young lady, whom Chalya had recommended.

‘Well, it makes the house dull and it doesn’t allow the beauty of the precious stones to glow outwards. It is a dimming color.’ Indigo gestured with her hands as she explained.

She was very excited about this job, she wanted to make the house look more beautiful. She wanted Phillip to like it, and see her in a different light. She didn’t want him to carry the image of her as a clumsy waiter for the rest of his life.

Mr. Hajjo loved the way in which she expressed herself. She sounded very confident and skilled in her job and he was willing to let her try. She looked very down to earth and beautiful too.

This made him wonder how she had bought Phillip’s attraction. He wanted to ask her how she met his son, but she didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

‘What is your name?’ He smiled.
‘Indigo sir,’ she answered with a nod.
‘Indigo?’ He had never heard that before.
‘Indigo Hassan,’ she guessed he was asking after her surname.

‘You have a nice name dear. So what do you need to kick start your project?’ He asked with concern.

Indigo had already written a list of what she would need. So she carefully, pulled the piece of paper from her bag and offered it to him.
‘If all this is provided, I can start work today.’ She said.

The man ran his eyes over the list more than twice, her bill wasn’t too heavy.

‘Is this how you charge people?’ Mr. Hajjo chuckled.

‘Is it too expensive?’ Indigo was afraid to lose this job.

‘Nah, relax. I will send one of my boys to get all that you have asked for, but you must eat something first. Now come on.’

Indigo had never felt this loved and welcomed by anyone. She was surprised that Mr. Hajjo, the man who owned the building which she lived could be this nice to her, a total stranger.

Why then was Phillip trying to ruin everything?
She swallowed as she remembered her deal with Chalya. By now, she had admitted she liked Phillip and wanted the best for him.

She would try her best and dissuade him, but if that failed, she had no other option but to stand with Chalya.

‘You are thinking about something, do you mind sharing?’ Mr. Hajjo noticed the fire in her eyes, once they had settled for brunch.
‘No, I am good.’ She replied.
‘Hmm, are you sure?’ He insisted.

‘Yes.’ She flashed a smile, but deep down she was worried about the decision Phillip had taken.

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