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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 6
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He knew his sister was not comfortable with his plans, but he didn’t care. She always attached sentiments to everything, and people who always did that never made it in life.

‘Okay then…’ Chalya bit her lip, wondering how Indigo would convince Phillip otherwise. She had offered Indigo just one chance, if she failed, Chalya planned to move forward, with or without her help.

But she wasn’t going down without a fight.
She slammed the door angrily, while marching out of her brother’s office. She was not surprise to meet face to face with the temptress, whose regalia were meant to swirl her brother’s senses.

‘Hello Chalya…’ Moremi grinned as she reached Phillip’s office.

Chalya scoffed and ignored her mocking salute. Moremi was a snub and had never addressed her first whenever they met. Why was this time different?

‘You lack manners little girl. This is the reason Phillip would never listen to you or give you the power to make decisions for PIE. Instead, he chose me…’ she pressed a finger against her massive chest.

Chalya felt like hurling a thousand insulting words at her, but she carefully reminded herself that she would have her time.

‘Did you not hear me?’ Moremi rolled her eyes.

‘I don’t know what it is you think you have with my brother, but if you eventually end up in his bed as always, just know that he is using you this time.’ Chalya decided to serve Moremi her own dish.

Moremi had wanted to ignore this little b-----d, but her words had cut in too deep.

‘Whom your brother sleeps with is none of your business nitwit.’ Moremi fired back at her.

Her response evoked a snigger from Chalya who’d been waiting to provoke her.

‘Well, if that is what you choose to believe. My brother’s hearts belongs to another, you will always be the cheap hoe who throws himself at his feet. But deep down, Phillip knows what he wants, and that isn’t you.’ With this, she spun on her heel and kept walking, without giving Moremi a chance to fight back.

Moremi was almost unsettled by Chalya’s mean words, but she quickly recollected herself and remembered that she had a lot of work to do once she got into Phillip’s office.

‘Hello?’ She rapped on the door gently, like her knuckles were made of glass.

‘Come in Moremi, I have been waiting all day.’
The sound of his voice sent tingles down her spine and she felt like making love to him, right there and then.

In the past, he would have thought her drop dead gorgeous, but right now she appeared like a woman who was desperate to pull down a man by any means necessary.

The knee length black dress she wore, was really tight and brought forth all of her curves and revealed her cleavage. The black dress complemented her silky ebony skin; her lips were reddish and plump, very inviting too.

Phillip was not comfortable with the way Moremi was dressed but he couldn’t express his disapproval.

‘You don’t look too good.’ She carefully locked the door behind, and slipped the key into her bag, before moving to where he sat.
‘I’m good.’ He shrugged. He was tired of whining about all of his family problems to her. He couldn’t wait for her verdict concerning Usman Hajjo, whom he was desperate to get rid of.

Moremi carefully ran her eyes over his handsome face, she could read Phillip like a book, so she knew exactly what the problem was.
‘I think you should keep him.’ She pulled a chair and sat on it.

‘Why?’ He snapped at her.
‘Well, there are a lot of reasons…’ she pulled her bag closer to her and fetched a file.
‘Please don’t give me the excuse that he is the best urban architect for this job because we could always find another.’ Phillip was getting exasperated with this constant talk of his Uncle being the best.

Moremi had to do this carefully. She had a deal with Usman and this was her end of the deal. She had to uphold it.

‘Phil…he is your relative, so the cost of using his services wouldn’t be that high. If you hire a total stranger for this project, you’ll pay through your nose. We both know you wouldn’t want that.’

Phillip scoffed, he knew what he wanted. He wished Usman could go far away from him, he was only listening to Moremi because she was his lawyer.

‘What do you propose?’ He chewed his lip.
‘Keep him, but you could monitor him closely.’ Moremi replied swiftly.

‘I have a better idea, I want to work with people I can trust. I wouldn’t fire Usman, but he is going to be an assistant.’ Phillip replied.
Moremi didn’t get that right, ‘An assistant?’ She arched a brow.

‘Yes. That is the only way Usman would stay on this project. I will still hire another architect to oversee this project; he would lead, Usman would follow. That way, everybody is happy including me.’ He pushed his chair backwards and jumped out of it.

S--t! Moremi cursed underneath her breath. She couldn’t let Phillip have this one, Usman would think she was conspiring against him.

‘Phillip…you cannot do this. He is very important if you want this project to continue. Besides, where would you find another architect on such a short notice?’ She wondered.

‘Leave that to me, I think we are done with this conversation. There is no legality binding Usman to PIE.’ He grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay, picked two glasses and returned to his seat.

Moremi was tongue –tied because she didn’t know what to say next. From the look of things, Phillip had won and she couldn’t push him further.

Although she was his lawyer, her job was to guide him to take the best decisions, but the power to take a decision was in his hands.

She licked her lip nervously, and watched as he poured the wine. Usman was not going to like this, and this would shake the agreement they had.

Moremi thought about the papers that she was to get from Phillip; as his lawyer she had never asked to see the deed of the land where the buildings were established.

He noticed she was unusually quiet, ‘You don’t look happy with my decision. If I didn’t know you well, I’d say you are on his side.’ He pushed a glass towards her.

Her heart raced as his words dropped in her mind, she had to play her cards well. Phillip musn’t suspect a thing was going on between herself and Usman.

‘Hmm, nothing,’ she grabbed the glass and led it to her lips.

‘How about what you promised?’ Phillip took a sip and dropped the glass. He needed to get those things as promised, because he had promised Mr. Barf that all would be well.

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