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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 5
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hillip was a bit upset that Moremi had not prepared herself for the meeting, yet she had sent him a text clearly stating that she was in the office waiting. He had a feeling that Moremi didn’t truly understand that whatever they shared many years back was over. He was a new man now, and they had a project to plan.

He dropped his briefcase on the table, before settling in his swivel chair.

Today was going to be a great day; he could feel it strongly in his bones. The first sign of this conviction was the miraculous appearance of Indigo at the Hajjo residence.

She had been the last person he had expected to see, but there she was; standing at the middle of the room, looking beautiful.

‘Come on in, the door is open.’ Phillip shook the thoughts away and quickly reminded himself that he had to fully concentrate on the day’s meetings.

Chalya walked into her brother’s office, not knowing what to expect. She had prepared herself for his numerous questions as she was quite sure that he would want to hear how she got to know Indigo.

‘Hello brother…’ she smiled.
‘Sister.’ Phillip returned her smile, he knew his sister had not gone to the Salon. In fact, she had gone to the Low Cost Housing, and he was curious to find out why.

Chalya pulled a chair and settled in, ‘I know you are wondering how I got to know Indigo…’

‘She already told me you guys met somewhere, why are you trying to say something else?’ He arched a brow.

Chalya knew it was proscribed for her to disclose the truth. She couldn’t let Phillip in, on what she was planning.

‘Okay, so you believe us then?’ She pressed on. For her plans to work, she needed to know if Phillip was really oblivious of her strategies.

Phillip reassured his sister that he believed Indigo’s story, but that had still not explained her presence at the Low cost neighborhood. He wouldn’t ask her any questions about it, he wanted his sister to come to him when it was time.

‘I guess we are good.’ She sighed, and quickly pulled out the jotter which she recorded all of Phillip’s day-to-day activities.

She scanned a page and began to announce a list of meetings he had and the various times allocated for each appointment.

‘I never knew I was meeting with Mr. Barf today.’ Phillip heaved a sigh. His German supplier had been robbed and still there were no traces of the things he had lost.

He closed his eyes and wondered what Moremi was doing about it, she had promised to handle this matter. He had wanted to go to the police but she had dissuaded him from doing so.

‘You’re worried about the man.’ Chalya observed.

‘Worried is an understatement. If this man cannot recover those things he lost, do you think he would be able to work with me? He could never trust me again.’ His eyes flew open.
‘Hey Phil, what happened to Mr. Barf wasn’t your fault. It is an unfortunate thing and could have happened to anybody, so don’t put that on yourself.’ Chalya tried to lift his spirits, she could see that her brother was very worried about the German.

Phillip waved her words aside, ‘You don’t understand. He said the men warned him not to work with me, and maybe they will succeed. I thought Moremi could handle this, but she is being very slow.’

At the mention of her name, Chalya’s eyes clouded with unseen anger. She had advised Phillip to report the matter to the Police, but he had preferred taking Moremi’s illegal advice.

‘Moremi would lead you astray brother, I think you should stop listening to her. If you must, let some of her words pass through your mental filter.’

Phillip knew Chalya was being protective, ‘Hey, she is still my lawyer remember?’

Chalya shrugged, ‘Whatever, I noticed something…’ She flipped the pages of her jotter.
‘What did you notice?’ Phillip asked.

‘You hardly meet with Uncle Usman, I thought he was supposed to be a big player in this project.’ Chalya regretted the words the moment they dropped out of her mouth.

She felt horrible for mentioning her uncle’s name, knowing how badly it would affect her brother.

‘It is okay, I am not used to it but I should.’ Phillip sensed that Chalya was uncomfortable after mentioning his biological father’s name. He didn’t have a problem with that, he just hated the man for betraying his only brother by sleeping with his wife.

Phillip had not wanted to share this information with Chalya but she deserved to know. She was the only sibling he had, and he couldn’t withhold important information from her.
‘I am firing him.’ He replied coolly.

At first she felt she hadn’t heard him well.
‘I don’t understand…he is one of the best urban architects in the country. Where would you find another one? I know he hurt you. Hell, he hurt us both but we have to move on and keep our eyes on the prize. We need him to rebuild this estate, we need quality and perfection.’ Chalya tried to get him to change his mind.

He had also shared this with Moremi, but she had asked him to wait a bit. He hoped his lawyer would come up with important reasons as to why he shouldn’t fire Usman Hajjo.

‘You don’t need to beg for him. He killed our mother Chalya, and would have succeeded in killing dad. What makes you think he wouldn’t plan the same for us, if given the same chance?’
Chalya could see where he was coming from, but she didn’t share the same thoughts.

‘Phil, if Uncle Usman wanted us dead, we would have died long time ago. I know people like him; they could be very dangerous especially when they realize their secret is no longer hidden.’
Phillip agreed with her, ‘And this is the reason I have to keep him far from both of us and from father.’

Chalya shrugged, ‘I must go now, I have other things to attend to. I will stand by you, no matter the decision you take…’ she gathered dropped her jotter in her bag and rose to her feet.

Her thoughts were still on Indigo, and their plan to dissuade Phillip from increasing the rent after renovation.

‘Can I ask you a question?’ She paused as she reached the door.

‘Yes?’ Phillip pulled his phone closer to him as it began to vibrate against the table top.

‘Are you still bent on increasing the rent after renovation?’ Chalya asked.

‘Yes. We have discussed it many times Chalya and I have good reasons for this. You may think I am being insensitive or wicked, but in the long run, you’ll thank me for taking this decision.’ Phillip ran his eyes over the text, Moremi was around.

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