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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 4
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‘I never told anyone, the secret about Halima’s death was between us. But someone knows now, and I don’t know how.’ Usman gulped the liquor.

Nkosi rubbed his chin thoughtfully, he was a hundred percent sure that he had not told anyone about his hand in Halima Hajjo’s death twenty six years back.
‘You must have shared this secret with someone. I do not believe in the existence or potency of magic. You told someone, somehow…’ Nkosi dragged his glass to his lips, still deep in thoughts.

Usman didn’t remember sharing such vital information with anyone.
‘The question of how this secret got out is not important now. We just have to clip the person who knows about it.’
‘Who?’ Nkosi winced as the liquid burned his throat.

Usman ran a tongue over his lips, ‘I won’t tell you yet, but I will tell you what she did to me.’
‘Do you remember the little boy that was with Halima the day you shot her?’
‘Yes, your brother’s son.’ Nkosi nodded.
‘No, he is my son. Phillip is my son and the person tracking me knows that.’ Usman replied.
He quickly explained to Nkosi about the affair he had with Halima, shortly before he left the country to study. On his return, she had married his brother and there was nothing he could do about it.

‘My brother stole my land and erected two enormous buildings on it. There is someone I am working with, and I wanted her to help me steal the original documents stating my ownership or anything related to that land, but she has turned on me.’

Nkosi scoffed, ‘You should have prepared yourself for betrayal.’
‘You are right, but I never expected hers to come this soon. Phillip wants to renovate the houses on the estate, and also increase the rent. She came up with an idea of giving the rooms to Austrian and Nigerian engineers who work for the Mack Engineering firm.

At first we were equal partners, but she came up with some crap about Phillip wanting to fire me and how she would take eighty percent and give me twenty. I have no choice but to kill her.’ He grumbled.

He was so bitter and angry that Moremi had prepared herself to cheat him out of his inheritance.
‘He knows.’ Nkosi drummed his fingers steadily on the slab.
‘Excuse me?’ Usman raised a brow.
‘Phillip knows that you are his father. He must have told this person you are working with. Why else would he want to fire you? Think.’
For the first time, Usman was starting to see this matter very differently and from another angle.
‘I think you are right, do you think he knows I killed his mother?’ Usman’s voice was shaky.
‘Not sure, what if you go and see him? Try to read his eyes, that way you’ll know how much of your secret is with him.’ Nkosi suggested.
Usman liked the idea of going to see Phillip himself.

‘Just go, don’t act like you have heard anything.’ Nkosi repeated.
‘Good advice. When do you plan to bring me the other girl?’ Usman rubbed his temple, his head throbbed painfully.

Nkosi didn’t answer; he carefully emptied the remaining drink into his mouth before dropping the glass with a slam.
‘Give me two days, I have something else to handle.’ Nkosi rose to his feet.

He needed to find his daughter before it was too late. He had to return to Papa’s house and wait for his child

Her body was drenched in rose petals and a bubble bath that had a strong lavender scent. She played with the petals using her toes, while her head rested on the edge of the tub.
Moremi couldn’t think of a better life than this and this was the reason she was determined not to fail.

She had spent the night thinking on the best approach to take concerning the deal she had with Usman and this was it: she had to win.
A smile crossed her face as she thought of what being in bed with Phillip would feel like after a few years apart. She couldn’t wait to s£duce him, to lure him back into her arms again.
This was the only way out for her plans to work. Men always gave away what they cherished most when they were on mountain’s pleasure. She could only get Phillip to surrender those papers to her, by getting him into her bed and she was determined to make that a reality.
A deep laugh flew from her lips as she thought of Usman Hajjo, his just revealed father.
‘B-----d,’ she sneered as she recalled the expression on Usman’s features when she had stated that eighty percent of what they would get from the deal with the Austrian firm would be hers while he would take twenty.
She had a backup plan because she didn’t hold an iota of trust for Usman.

She was ready to dig her hands in the dirt and work, but if she was unable to fetch the papers, then she would find a way to marry Phillip. All she wanted was financial security, owning to the recent financial crisis that rocked the Shola family, which was yet to be a public knowledge.
She imagined what his d--k would feel like between her legs. She missed him dearly, his passionate kisses and his gift surprises.
‘F--k…’ her eyes flew wide open as she heard her phone ring.

Moremi got out of the tub immediately and rushed towards her bedroom. She hated missing her morning calls as they were always important.
She grabbed a towel and wiped her hands on it, before taking the phone.

Her heart spiraled in excitement as she saw the caller identity.
‘Good morning darling…’ she drawled sweetly, hoping to get the attention that she needed.

‘Moremi, you are not anywhere around my office, but you assured me you would show up early.’ Phillip ignored her sweet tongue and moved straight to the point.

He needed to get things done quickly around the office, so he could return home and spend some time with his dear Indigo.
‘Honey, there’s no need to be worried. I was just taking a bath…you know what that feels like…’ she bit her lip.
Phillip went quiet, he didn’t know how to respond to that.
‘Are you there Love?’ She asked sweetly.
‘Look, we have a lot to discuss. I would appreciate your punctuality on future meetings.’
Before she could say something in return, she realized that the line was dead.
Moremi felt hurt and humiliated, no man had ever treated her this way. The last person she would have expected this from was Phillip.
‘Something is wrong.’ She pressed a shaky hand against her chest. What if Usman had told him something about her?
‘No. He wouldn’t dare.’ She was very sure about this.
‘There’s a woman in his life.’ Her voice spoke of jealousy and a great rage.

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