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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 3
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Chalya felt insulted, ‘Why would I stand with my brother when he is wrong? The way I see it, you are an ingrate. I brought you into this house and you are eager to turn against me.’

Indigo laughed, ‘I would never do something like that. If you brought me to work here so I could stand by your side, even when there is an alternative way out, then you failed. I came here because I need a job and I have the skills to make this house look better.’ She ran her eyes over the dark green walls briefly.
Chalya regretted inviting Indigo over. She hated it when people turned against her.
‘If you talk to my brother about the renovation, I will make your life a living hell. I have spent weeks on my computer, researching and making plans to stop this. I want us to protest on Television and every media outlet. You cannot stop me.’

‘I think you are desperate to be seen by the public as a messiah of some sort. There is nothing wrong in if I talk to your brother just once…if I fail, then we will go ahead…’ Indigo replied.
Chalya’s belly stirred with the truth from Indigo’s words. Blood burned her cheeks as she realized that she had always been an attention seeker deep down.
‘I think you are a good person too, you just need more of your brother’s love and respect. Give me this chance Chalya, I will not fail you.’
Chalya felt hurt that her brother hardly took her advice seriously, and this was the reason she had been so eager to work against him.
‘Okay, just one chance.’ She agreed.
For the first time in her life, she finally found someone who truly understood her and her name was Indigo.
‘So, can I start working now?’ Indigo flashed a smile.

‘Yes, but I may have to leave for work soon. Don’t worry, our housekeeper, Mrs. Hawa will give you everything that you need.’ Chalya returned her smile, this time; it sprang from the depths of her heart.
‘Thank you.’ Indigo’s fears faded as she stood alone, facing the dull green paint that danced with the stripes of milky white.
At first when she had walked in, she had not thought the place needed any refurnishing, but now she took a closer look at the place, she knew the right color that would suit the Hajjo residence.
She quickly unzipped her purse to fetch a pencil and a jotter, so she could take notes.
‘Annabel, what does she want?’ Indigo noticed she had missed Ana’s call ten times.
‘I hope this is her number for your own good.’ One of the men watching her scowled.
She had been kidnapped from her house and locked up in a strange building. The men had started asking her questions about the girl she had arranged for Mr. Usman Hajjo, her client.
At first, she had wanted to protect Indigo’s identity, but they had threatened to rape her brutally, one after the other and they were three altogether.

‘Please…’ her lips quivered.
She knew she couldn’t do anything to piss them off now. She had given them Indigo’s number, and had hoped that she would take the call.
‘You better tell us the truth, where is your friend?’ The tall one tossed the phone aside and marched towards the captive who was being tied to a chair.

Annabel’s eyes were reddish and swollen from crying. She felt guilty for what she had done to Indigo, and she felt even more guilty for what she was about to do.

Only God knew what had transpired between Usman and Indigo, but from the look of things, Usman was not pleased with Indigo’s service.
‘Do you think we are here to joke with you? Her number is not going through, so you need to provide us with her address.’ The shorter man joined in threatening the captive.

Their boss, Nkosi, had left them with clear instructions to find Annabel’s friend at all cost.
‘Please, just be patient, she will take the call.’ Annabel insisted.

‘We don’t need her number anymore, where does she live?’ The tall man asked.
Annabel licked her parched lips and glared at her feet, telling them where Indigo lived would be dangerous. She felt so worried and afraid, she didn’t know what these men would do to her, talk less of Indigo.,.
‘I can’t.’ She replied stubbornly.

She decided to bear whatever punishment they would give to her, but she prayed deep down that it wouldn’t be the worst.

‘I think I know what we should do to her…’ a wicked smile danced at the corner of the short man’s mouth.

‘Please don’t hurt me… be patient.’ Annabel’s voice cracked as fear engulfed her.
‘Fetch the shocker.’ He instructed his partner, who responded with a wicked laugh that shook the foundation of the building where Annabel was being held.

The two men were seated by the bar in Usman’s living room. Nkosi knew that Usman would be very disappointed in him, because he was yet to find the other girl that had almost blinded him, but he had come to reassure him that he was working really hard towards that.
‘What would you like to drink?’ Usman took off his glasses, he felt better after applying some drugs prescribed by his doctor.

‘I am not in the mood to drink, old friend.’ Nkosi replied.

Before Usman had invited him over, he had been at home and in deep thoughts of how to convince Papa to introduce Indigo to him. He had not been a good father all these years, but he wanted to make things right.

He wanted to meet with his daughter and show her how much that she loved him. His only wish was for the chance.

‘Then we are both in a bad mood.’ Usman scoffed, he also didn’t feel like drinking.

He was yet to recover from the shocking realization that Moremi Shola held all of his secrets in her palms. How she had gotten to them, still baffled him. This also meant that he had become her perpetual slave and would always do whatever she asked.

He was very unhappy about this development and he had to do something about it.

The land which his brother had stolen from him was the only viable property that he owned; he had placed his hopes highly on that land and Moremi now wanted to give him a paltry twenty percent once their deal was sealed.

Usman was prepared to fight her for what was his’. No one could blackmail him to submission, he was a fighter and he was ready to die fighting.
‘You don’t seem too happy, is this about the girl that hurt your eyes?’ Nkosi knew something bothered Usman, but he was not sure what.

‘Nah…’ He drawled and threw his hands into the air.

‘What then?’ Nkosi drummed his fingers against the table slab.

Usman sighed and rose up to his feet. He had spent his night thinking of the best way to treat Moremi. The little fool thought she had everything settled, she thought he was her dog, but she was myopic.

‘I have another job for you once the second girl is found…’ he began to pace the room, staring at the pictures on the wall occasionally.

Nkosi was delighted at the mention of this news. This meant another business opportunity for him and more money, which he needed to create a good first impression when he finally met with his daughter.

‘If you fail on this one, then we will both be exposed…’ Usman continued slowly.
‘I don’t understand, exposed for what?’ Nkosi turned his attention to Usman’s lanky figure.

‘Someone knows the truth about Halima’s death.’ Usman returned to the bar and fetched a bottle of brandy, which they would both need to continue this conversation.

Nkosi was not shaken, he was just lost.
‘She was killed many years back, and no one but you knew about it.’
Usman fetched two glasses from the far end of the table and emptied the golden brown liquid into them-one for himself and one for Nkosi, who looked confused.

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