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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 2
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‘I expected you to be happy, considering what I told you about her.’ Phillip noticed a gloomy look on his sister’s face. Why wasn’t she smiling? Why wasn’t she happy with his choice?
Indigo’s heart fluttered, she wondered what Phillip had told Ms. Paul about her. Nothing was making sense. Why would Phillip tell Ms. Paul things about her, what was his relationship with Ms. Lucinda Paul?

As if reading her thoughts, ‘Didn’t she tell you?’

‘Tell me what?’ Indigo smiled.
‘Chalya is my younger sister. She works with me at PIE as my personal assistant
‘Oh…’Indigo’s eyes dilated in surprise. It seemed Chalya had fed her with a lot of lies. Everything that had just taken place was starting to make sense.

He was about to say more when he felt his phone beep. He pulled it out of his pocket and checked the screen for the message.
‘I have to go now, I’m late already.’ He dropped the android in his pocket.
Indigo’s heart skipped a beat, she wished he didn’t have to go. She wished he could stay here with her all day long.
‘Okay…’ She flashed him a smile.
‘Will you be here when I am back? We have a lot of catching up to do.’ He asked. Phillip couldn’t wait for his return, he would take her out to a fancy place and have dinner with her.
Once again, Indigo felt she was on the spotlight as two pairs of eyes bored into her.
‘I…I don’t know yet,’ She replied.
‘I guess that means a “Yes,”’ He blew her a kiss before spinning on his heel and moving for the door.
She couldn’t help but stare after his back and how attractive it was. Phillip Hajjo was a very handsome man, one she had a feeling would never be hers.

The Hajjo name re-echoed in her mind strangely, was it the same Hajjo that owned the building she lived in?
She quickly pushed the disturbing thoughts out of her mind, and hoped he wasn’t.
‘So, you are Indigo, the girl my brother has been talking about?’ Chalya scoffed.
‘Yes, I am…’ Indigo noticed a change in the tone Chalya normally used while talking to her. Instead of this friendly and loving tone, she felt Chalya was deliberately being cold and she couldn’t understand why.
Chalya was disappointed that the girl she had worked so hard to give a better life was Indigo. She had nothing against her, but seeing her lip locking with her brother Phillip was going to ruin all of her plans, and she couldn’t afford that.
‘Do you have a problem with that?’ Indigo blurted out, she couldn’t help but ask.
Chalya sighed, she didn’t have a problem with Phillip being with Indigo but it wasn’t right.
‘I hope you know that my name is Chalya Hajjo and not Lucinda Paul. That was just a cover up, to get you and the other people living in those buildings to listen to me.’ She started.

She had so much to tell Indigo, and when she was finished, she was confident that her relationship with Phillip would end.
‘I am surprised to hear that, you deceived us…’ Indigo shrugged.
‘I had to, that was the only way you’ll understand me.’ Chalya replied swiftly.
‘Phillip Hajjo is my elder brother and he owns the engineering company PIE, this company would renovate those buildings and under his command would also increase your rent. I hope you understand that…’
Indigo’s heart began to pound faster against her chest, it all made sense now. Mr. Hajjo’s children were Phillip and Chalya, and from the look of things, they were divided on the plan to renovate the buildings and increase the rent .
‘What is PIE?’ She couldn’t think of any other thing to ask.
‘Phillip Engineering.’ Chalya replied curtly.
‘Are you saying your brother is the one that wants to renovate the buildings?’ Tears welled up in her eyes, she couldn’t believe Phillip would be capable of such a thing.
Chalya knew this would hurt her and this was a bigger reason they could never be together.
‘Yes, but I don’t want this.’ She moved closer and grabbed Indigo’s hands.
‘I want what is best for everyone. This world is already f----d up. I want to make it better, but Phillip insists that he wants to change things and leave a legacy for our family. Working with me and encouraging the other tenants to protest, is the only way out for you…’
She had to make Indigo see the greater picture, she couldn’t let her love or whatever she had for Phillip blind her.
‘I can’t…’ Indigo drew her hands away from Chalya and stepped backwards.
‘I don’t understand,’ Chalya hoped Indigo wasn’t about to turn on her.
‘I can’t believe Phillip would do such a thing. He saved me when I had no one. He gave me a hundred thousand to get an albutrol inhaler for my grandfather. Your brother is a good man, he would never do something like that.’ Indigo tried to sound confident..

Chalya ran her fingers through her hair. One of the reasons she didn’t do much of love, was because it blinded people to the truth.
‘Look, you have to kill what it is you feel for Phillip. Would you rather be with a man that would chase you out of your home? Oh…you think you and your grandfather would be spared?
Even if he gets you a better deal, what about the other tenants? Not everyone would afford half a million a Naira. And turning your back on your own people would haunt you for the rest of your life.

I know you are a good person Indigo, just get over my brother and let us work against him.’
A tear rushed down her cheeks. Why was this happening to her?
‘What if I talk to him? He doesn’t know that I live there.’ Her lips were shaky.

Her response made Chalya laugh, ‘Don’t think that because he kissed you for fifteen minutes, that you know him. You don’t know anything about my brother. He is a very strong willed person and not even the tears you are shedding now would change his mind.’
Indigo felt like running out of this house and never coming back. How could Phillip do something like that?
‘I can change his mind; I feel deeply in my heart that I can.’ She decided she would give it a try.

Chalya had tried dissuading her brother a million times and that never turned out well.
‘No, don’t even try talking to him about this. My mind is made up Indigo. We are protesting in two weeks time before the renovation begins.’
Indigo was stunned by Chalya’s utterances, she seemed desperate for something but she couldn’t point out what it was exactly.
‘Why are you so bent on stopping me? It wouldn’t hurt if Phillip turns me down. I will only be propelled to your side and we will work together.’

‘No! Don’t go against my orders. Phillip would never change his mind.’ Chalya felt confident.
Indigo scoffed, ‘Why do I have a feeling that you don’t want me to talk to your brother because you are scared he would listen to me? It seems you are desperate to achieve something big for the first time in your life.’ Indigo felt disgusted as Chalya displayed the layers of her true colors.

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