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Indigo (Shade of a golden heart) - Season 3 - Episode 1
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She pulled his head down and planted her soft lips on his. She wanted to make her dream come true. She missed Phillip! She had to give herself what to remember.

Philip had not expected this, but he decided to enjoy it while it lasted.

‘Hmm! Hmm!’ Mr. Hajjo walked into the room with Chalya beside him; both shocked at the passionate kiss that Phillip shared with the Interior Designer.

The flagrant manner with which she kissed him made his blood pump, he couldn’t believe someone as innocent looking as she, was capable of exploring the world of pleasure with such passion.

Not that he was complaining, he was only surprised and he loved it. She was the last person he had expected to see. He had searched everywhere for her, but somehow, fate had brought them closer.

Phillip wasn’t a believer in superstition or magic, but he felt strongly that there was a force that bound his mind and thoughts to the beautiful Indigo. He felt they were made for something, and maybe meant for each other.

He threw caution to the wind, and pulled her slender body closer to his torso. He had expected her to resist, but she didn’t. She submitted fully and let him take control.

Never in her life had she experienced something this maddening, and pleasuring. She blushed as she felt the hardness of his chest against the soft m----s on hers. She knew deep down that this was no innocent kiss; it was lustful, but seemed right. It was perfect, wild and satisfying and felt like it was what she needed most at the time.

No man had ever swept her off her feet, the way Phillip did. She was surprised the way her body reacted to his; this had to be a sign…

Mr. Hajjo and his daughter Chalya watched in shock, as the two couldn’t get enough of themselves.

‘Hello…’ Chalya cleared her throat, hoping to separate them. She was surprised that Mallam Hassan’s granddaughter knew her brother.

‘Such a small world,’ She muttered underneath her breath and rolled her eyes.

Mr. Hajjo felt uncomfortable with the scene, so he quickly rushed back to his room, in order not to make Phillip embarrassed whenever his kissing spree with the interior decorator would come to an end.

The sound of Chalya’s hissing broke them apart, and they found themselves back to the world they had left behind.

‘I…I am sorry.’ Indigo rubbed her lips and quickly stepped back from where Phillip stood, feeling slightly shy. She had not expected to jump on him like that.

She felt worse when she noticed that Ms. Paul, the woman that had brought her here had seen them kissing. Indigo quickly turned and faced her, ‘I am sorry Ms. Paul; it’s not what you think it is.’

Phillip noticed the formal manner which Indigo addressed his sister, ‘Ms. Paul?’ He arched a brow, was there was something he didn’t know?

Chalya cleared her throat and fought the blood that crept to her cheeks.

‘Can we go now Phillip? You may be late for your meeting.’ Chalya licked her lips nervously; she had almost spilled the truth about her relationship with Phillip to Mallam Hassan’s grandchild.

But now she saw that she was one of Phillip’s unknown girlfriends, she would keep her identity away, till her plans were fully accomplished.

‘I don’t understand you…’ Phillip could see his sister eyes clearly for the first time that morning. Chalya was eager to keep something away from him, why was she in so much hurry to get rid of him?

Indigo felt guilty for kissing Phillip like that, she had been so excited and she had lost control of herself.

‘Ms. Paul…I…’ she continued but stopped when Chalya pinned her down with a penetrating gaze that translated, “Can you shut the hell up?”

‘How do you two know each other?’ Phillip touched Indigo’s arm lightly, they had to be a sane explanation, because he would find it difficult to forgive Chalya if she had known Indigo’s location and had kept it away from him.

Indigo swallowed, she didn’t know how to answer this question, considering the killer looks Chalya was sending her way.

‘Okay Phillip, you have outdone yourself, why don’t you leave?’ Chalya walked towards him with a forced smile on her face. She had to do everything possible to make him leave.

Phillip declined, ‘I insist. How do you two know each other?’

Indigo closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, she didn’t want these two fighting because of her.

‘Um, Phillip…’ she licked her lips, and averted her eyes from Chalya’s.

‘Yes?’ His heart melted at the sound of her voice.

Suddenly, the fading memories of this woman his heart had chosen were coming alive. She was no longer the smiling image that appeared in his dreams, she was real and she was before him.

‘I met her in a park. I was really down and I needed a job. She told me she would help me.’ Indigo had to say something.

Chalya felt relieved that Indigo had not revealed the truth to her brother, but she was not comfortable with her lying.

If Phillip ever discovered this, he would feel very hurt.

‘Hmm, sounds cool. You never told me about this meeting,’ Phillip thought it weird. Chalya always told him about everything.

It was Chalya’s turn to be confused, ‘How about you?’ She asked.

‘Me?’ Phillip touched his chest with his left hand.

‘How do you know her?’
Indigo blushed as she remembered the first time they met. She had acted clumsily and spilled a hot pot of coffee on an angry customer. Phillip had saved her life that day and she owed him everything.

‘Seriously?’ Phillip moved closer to Indigo and looked deeply into her eyes. They were so clear and pure.

He wanted to know if she really felt something for him, or if she had just kissed him impulsively. He was in need of her love; he just wanted to be sure there was something to hope for.
‘Her name is Indigo and I met her in a coffee shop.’ He replied, still staring at her.
‘What?’ Chalya almost choked on the words.
She remembered the faceless girl her brother had helped weeks back, how could she turn out to be Mallam Hassan’s granddaughter?
‘Oh no, this would be a major disaster.’ She thought.

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