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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“Diaaana Diaaana Diaaaana Diana!” whispered Admire.

She opened her eyes only to realise that it was morning. She was feeling better and smiled at him. It was sunny outside when Admire opened the curtains opening way for the sun’s rays to come flooding into the room. She was also greeted with a cup of coffee and 2 slices of bread with polony.

“I didn’t know you were romantic. Breakfast in bed,” said Diana smilingly.
“Romantic? Me. I am still young to be tomantic. I thought maybe you had fell into a comma. Since yesterday you didn’t wake up,” said Admire sitting on the bed.
“Did you miss me?”
“What?! You. Hell no. Why would I? I don’t even like you. Imagine I was made to babysit you this morning. And you were busy snoring,” said Admire with a serious look on his face.

What was funny about Admire? Everytime he made jokes he would have a serious look on his face.

“Right Sisi D. I have to go to school. Remember I am starting to write my final exams today.”
“But we didn’t pay the school fees,” said Diana with a worried look on her face.

“Uncle Raphael gave me the money. He is the one taking me to school. Goodbye Sisi D. I will see you later,” he said sitting up.
“I love you Admire. Thank you.”

“I don’t love you too and you welcome.”
Diana laughed. Admire walked out of the room. The doctor was waiting for him in the loudge.

“I am sorry I am late. The lady is soo talkative. We can go now,” said Admire grabbing his satchel which was on the sofa.

The doctor laughed.
“Is she awake?” he asked.
“Yes. Now eating her breakfast.”
“We thank the Lord. I will come and see her later,” he went on. “Miriam!” he called out.
“Yes hubby,” she responded from the kitchen.
“We are going now. Take care of Diana,” said the doctor
“I will honey. Have a nice day Admire,” she said and kissed him on the fore head. “Bye babe,” he kissed the doctor on the cheek.
They walked out of the house, got into the car and drove off. Miriam walked upstairs and headed to the room where Diana was sleeping. She knocked on the door.

“Come in!” responded Diana.
She opened the door while Diana was making her bed. She didn’t know Miriam.
“Good morning!” greeted Diana.
“Morning! How are you?” replied Miriam.
They looked at each other. Miriam smiled.
“Come downstairs so we can have a chat,” she said smilingly.

They walked out of the room. Her heels clicked on a marble floor. They sat on the leather sofa. The dining room was modernised with Industrial style lighting. She balanced their stream lined look by combining the lighting with natural furnishings with distressed wood tables and wicker chairs. On the wall they were wedding photos of Mariam and Raphael. Miriam got up from her seat. She went and sat beside Diana. She looked innocent and beautiful. Miriam looked at her pretty face, saw a moment of hurting in her eyes.

“You are very beautiful,” she complemented.
“Thank you!”
Diana’s heart was pounding in her chest so hard she was sure she would hear it.
“I heard your story from my husband. I am very sorry about your little brother,” she paused. “He has a very good heart that’s what I love about him,” she paused. “We would like you to stay with us. If that is okay with you.”

For a moment she thought she was dreaming.
“Are you serious?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“Yes! We also want you to go to school. I heard that you passed by Admire,” she said holding her hand.

She hugged her. She started crying. Tears of happiness and joy.

“I am sorry,” she said wiping the tears.
“It’s okay. I believe these are tears of joy.”
“Yes. God bless you Auntie. I have never met people like you before. You have a hood heart. You and your husband.”

“I was also poor. I was an orphan when Raphael saw me at the rank selling tomatoes. I was just 18 years old. He took me to his house. Send me to school and now look at me. I am a lecturer at a University. I am forever grateful for what he did. That is why I am doing the same to you,” she said wiping tears that had escaped.
“Thank you so much. I won’t disappoint and I will pay you back.”

“No no. If you go to school. Work hard. I know you will pass. Anywhere go take a bath. Oh I have got two kids they are twins. A boy and a girl, 9 years old.”

“Where are they? I would love to meet them.”
“They slept at their grandma’s house. You will meet them. Off you go. We will pass by the hospital. I am sure you miss your mother,” said Miriam.

“I do. Thank you. Let me go,” she said sitting up.
She watched her as she ran upstairs. She felt pity for her.
After shopping, Miriam drove the car at the hospital. Upon arrival Raphael was just coming out of the room to check on Diana’s mother.
“My two beautiful ladies,” he said
“Hey hubby,” said Miriam giving him a hug.
“How is my mother?” she asked.
“She hasn’t changed but she going to be alright,” assured the doctor.
“Can I go see her?”

She went inside the room and sat on the bed. She held her mother’s hand and prayed.

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