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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 3
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The air was very clear and the long morning shadows distinct. The sun shone briliantly. Diana kept pacing up and down the room after her mother was taken to the emergency room. It was around eight in the morning and she couldn’t calm her nerves. She feared the worst might happen. She hadn’t heard from the doctor about her mother and her little brother’s condition.

“Sisi Diana. Don’t you know how to sit down? Stop pacing up and down the room like a mad person. You making me feel nervous,” said Admire in a rude voice.

Diana sat on the bench not wanting to fight with her brother.

“Thank you!” he said
After hours of sitting at the bench which felt like forever. The doctor walked inside the waiting room holding some papers. Diana quickly got up from the bench.

“How is my mother?” asked Diana nervously
“Sisi Diana!. Let him sit down first,” said Admire with a serious look on his face.
The doctor smiled looking at him.

“He is right. Let’s sit down first,” he said softly.

They both sat down and Admire paid attention to the doctor.

“Your mother unfortunately fell into a comma. Her blood pressure is very high. We are going to keep her in the hospital under observation for days,” he went on. “Alex is going to be alright. What have you been giving him?”
“Porridge everyday,” responded Admire.

“Oh I see. He needs to change what he eats. He needs to eat something with balanced diet or he may suffer from ulcers later.”

Where was she going to find the money to buy food? She thought

“Miss!” called out the doctor disrupting her thoughts
“You can go and see your mother now. I must get back to work. Don’t worry about hospital bills. I will take care of it,” said the doctor.

Diana was surprised. She had no idea where to get the money. She knelt down on the floor and the doctor helped her to get up.

“A beautiful girl like you must not do that,” said the doctor.

“I don’t know how to thank you. Thank you. God bless you, sir,” said Diana.

“It’s okay. I will see you later young man. Here is some money. There is a shop outside. Go buy something to eat.”

“Thank you sir,” said Admire smilingly.
He immediately ran out of the hospital to buy some food. He was hungry after he went to bed in an empty stomach. The doctot walked with Diana as she headed to the room where her mother was being kept. She opened the door. Thinking that she could control her tears she walked to the bed. When she got close to her and held her hand she started crying. It’s in that moment that she really felt like she needed a shoulder to lean on. She wished Amy was there to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be alright.

She held her hand and started praying.
“Lord! Take me if you have to but please don’t take my mother away from me. I need her in my life. You said you son Jesus will not leave us as orphans but would send us the Spirit who will protect us,” she wiped her tears and went on. “I believe in you and that you can heal my mother. I believe that you can make her open her eyes again,” she paused. “Way maker, miracle worker. Light in the darkness my God that is who you are. You touch every life, meet every need and wipe away all tears.,” she stopped.
The doctor was standing at the door watching Diana praying for her mother. He wiped the tear that had escaped his eyes before walking to his office. Diana got up and was about to walk to the door.

“Diana!” said her mother with a low voice opening her eyes

“Mum!” shouted Diana excitedly. “You are awake!” she exclaimed with tears in her eyes.
She immediately stormed out of the room and went to call the doctor. The doctor walked fast to the room while Diana followed behind.
“This is a miracle. Her blood has even dropped,” he said after checking her. “You a miracle worker young lady. I have never seen nothing like this before.”

Dian smiled at him.

“You should go to church doctor,” she said silently.

She later sat with her mother in the room and was happy she was alright. The hospital gave them some food to eat. Alex was doing well and things were now back to normal.

“I need to go somewhere mum. I will be back,” she said later that afternoon as they sat outside the hospital.

“No problem. You will find us here since I am being discharged tomorrow,” said Joyce.

“Okay. I love you mum. You two behave. I will be back,” she said sitting up.
“And you too behave I am watching you. If you going to see your boyfriend tell him that you got a brother by the name Admir. If he ever do anything to hurt you I will kill him. I don’t love you or like you but still you my sister,” said Admire with a serious look on his face.

He was a no nonsense man. Diana just looked at him.
“Mum! Did you hear what he just said?” asked Diana shocked.
“Off you go,” said her mother laughingly.
She got into a taxi and paid with the money doctor had gave her. The taxi driver parked the car outside a big house with a black gate. She got out of the taxi and walked to the gate. She rang the bell.

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