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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 24
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“You killed them!” shouted Diana in terror
“Who? Ohhh you mean the bodyguards. I did it was very easy. I am so tired Diana. I had been running away from the cops. You know I still can’t believe that I killed my parents,” she said looking at herself on the mirror. “Did you cook anything? I am so hungry,” she smiled.

Diana watched her, confusion racing through her. Just what kind of person Amy had turned into? Maybe it was her fault. She should have been there for her friend. She knew she needed time to think. She had to be sure of what to do next to get out of the house. Amy was not going to let Diana leave the house alive. She wanted her dead at that moment. She had nothing to lose. She stood, immovable and silent as she waited for Amy to say something. Finally she spoke.
“I know you scared right now Diana but you don’t need to be. I am not a killer,” she said with a laugh. “Did I just say that? Oh my goodness, silly me,” she pinched herself.

Diana closed her eyes for a second then opened them. She looked at her, injecting as much firmness into her voice as possible.

“What happened to you? You have changed and now you nothing but a murderer.”

“Diana! Stop reminding me about it. It’s bad as it is. You made me do it Diana. I loved my parents so much but you killed them,” said Amy in between sobs.

“The drugs has got into you. The only way to come out of this is to stop this madness of yours Amy. Already people have been hurt all because of you,” she said not afraid anymore.

“You blaming me now? Huh!”
“I am not but I still love you as a friend. Despite everything you have done. Amy, we were once friends. Remember?” she went on. “We used to study together, doing the same subjects at school. You were like a sister that I never had. Please let’s just end this war.”

“No no no. Stop trying to make me a good person. I am noot a g…” she stopped at midsentence when she realised she was nose bleeding.

“Are you okay?” asked Diana concerned.
“I am fine!” snapped Amy.

Diana took a deep breath. She raised her brows at her in question. That somewhere deep inside she felt pity for her friend. She handed her the tissue in shaking hands.
“Thanks!” said Amy. “But does not mean I won’t kill you. I will kill yo….”
“What is it Amy?” asked Diana with a hint of panick in her voice.

She ignored Diana. All of a sudden she started feeling dizzy and couldn’t understand what was happening around her. Diana quickly held her hand. She helped her to sit down. Let me go and fetch you a glass of water.

“Don’t even think about calling the cops on me!” threatened Amy with a low voice.

“I will never be like you. At least I have got a heart. Lay on the bed I will bring you the water,” said Diana walking to the door.

She quickly ran to the kitchen, poured a glass of water. Upon arrival Amy had already fell unconcious on the bed. Diana stood silent, gazing at her friend.

“What is happening here?” asked Ray as he walked inside the room. “The body guards had been shot.”
“We need to take her to the hospital,” said Diana.

“What!” exclaimed Ray in surprise.
“I can’t let her die. She is my friend.”

“But she is a fugitive. Most wanted person at the moment. If we go with her at the hospital. They will think we the ones who were hiding her. Listen my lady I know you love your friend. Psychopath Amy but let’s call the cops,” he said dialling the number.

Diana immediately grabbed the phone from him.

“She will go to jail, yes. But not in this state. Can’t you see she is bleeding. Something is wrong with her. We will take her to the hospital then call the cops later. Carry her and follow me,” said Diana with a serious look on her face.
“Don’t just stand there like a statue. Do as I said.”

“Where did you get the good heart? She is a criminal!” said Ray carrying Amy.

They walked out of the house and put her in the car. He drove off at the hospital.


“Guess who is here!” shouted Diana in the prison hospital.

“I missed you so much, D. Look at that tummy. Growing big right.”

“Come on still small. How are you holding up?”

After they took Amy to the hospital. She was arrested. In two months she was diagnosed with leukemia ( blood cancer). At first Amy never wanted to see Diana but having the church sessions and talking to her therapists. She finally opened up. Diana was surprised when the doctor at the prison hospital called her saying Amy had requested to see her. She was happy because she didn’t want her to feel alone.

“I am better,” she responded.
She had lost some weight and cut her hair. She was lying on the hospital bed as she talked to Diana.

“Thank you Diana for everything. You were truly my sister. I messed up big time. It’s not good to live with hate. Look at me now I am dying,” she said in tears.

“Shhhh you will be alright. I am here for you, besty. I love you Amy.”
“I love you too D, so much,” said Amy.

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